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Battery Rechargeable 16340
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Rechargeable Battery (CR123) Specifications: Powerful 5mW 532nm
Green Beam Laser Pointer Pen outside, point in the sky because you
can see the green beam leading up fun for looking at star, having
your pet chase the light around the yard, and whatever else you can
think off. Output power: 5mW Best Green Beam for your buck!!!! This
is a must-have tool for Photographers/Artists, Astronomers,
Teachers, Students, Bird Watchers, Professionals and Executives,
Tour Guides, Rescuers & Search Personnel, Construction
Engineers and Workers, Scientists, Security, Police (Forensics
Investigations), Campers, Hikers, (Dogs and Cats LOVE chasing the
laser dot) , etc. In other words, FOR YOU !!! This genius tool is
even used for detecting explosives! No need to further exemplify
INTELLIGENCE of this conveniently sized yet powerful technology
condensed into a grip of your hand! Featuring a high-intensity, 532
nm wavelength and powerful output , our pointer will shoot up to
7000 feet Green lasers make great star finders. Either hand held,
or telescope mounted, the visible green beam is a fantastic tool to
point out stars. This is NOT the typical skinny pen laser that
everybody is advertising. Our lasers help you see into over 7,000
ft of darkness, lighting up the corners otherwise invisible to the
human eye. You can turn around and sell them to local friends and
people in your town trust me people will buy them left and right!!
Package included: * Green Laser Pointer Pen x 1 * Battery x