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Artisan Silicone Mold, Showpiece Swirl

This is a silicone collar mold, and it is remarkably versatile. With a 7.75" tall swoop, this shape can be used to cast the building blocks for your next amenity. To complement the large swirl, we have included four half-spheres and a smaller textured swoop in the same mold.
Need a chocolate or sugar showpieces fast? Put a handful of nuts in the collar and then fill with chocolate. Add a few decorations and set the swirl on a jeweled base. Voilà, a quickie chocolate amenity.
A piece of vinyl is included with the mold for clear sugar casting.
Made of food contact safe silicone. Wash before use. Do not heat above 300º F/148° C.


Items Are usually shipped within 2 Business days.

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