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In 1961, the Kirov's leading male dancer, Konstantin Sergeyev, was injured, and Nureyev was chosen to replace him on the Kirov's European tour. In Paris, his performances electrified audiences and critics, but he broke the rules about mingling with foreigners, which alarmed the Kirov's management.The KGB wanted to send him back to the Soviet Union immediately. As a subterfuge, they told him that he would not travel with the company to London to continue the tour because he was needed to dance at a special performance in the Kremlin. When that didn't work they told him his mother had fallen severely ill and he needed to come home immediately to see her.He knew these were lies and believed that if he returned to the U.S.S.R., he would likely be imprisoned, because KGB agents had been investigating him.

On June 16, 1961 at the Le Bourget Airport in Paris, Rudolf Nureyev defected with the help of French police. Within a week, he was signed up by the Grand Ballet du Marquis de Cuevas and was performing The Sleeping Beauty with Nina Vyroubova. On a tour of Denmark he met Erik Bruhn, a dancer who became his lover, his closest friend and his protector for many years.

Although he petitioned the Soviet government for many years to be allowed to visit his mother, he was not allowed to do so until 1989, when his mother was dying and Mikhail Gorbachev consented to the visit. During this visit, he was invited to dance with the Kirov Ballet at the Maryinsky theatre in Leningrad. The visit gave him the opportunity to see many of the teachers and colleagues he had not seen since he defected, including his first ballet teacher in Ufa.

News from the Library of Congress

Rudolf Nureyev's dance career spanned 3 decades, from 1958/59 with the Kirov in Leningrad to 1992 when he staged his final production of La Bayadere at the Paris Opera.  He danced with great energy and spirit, constantly on the move performing with dance companies all over the world, some of which are listed below, and in one instance getting arrested in Toronto for dancing in the street.  His incredible vitality and insatiable curiosity enabled him to perform diverse roles from Princes to puppets, 19th century heroics to modern comedy.  

de Cuevas San Francisco Ballet
Royal Opera Ballet American Ballet Theater
Australian Ballet Martha Graham Dance Company
National Ballet of Canada Paul Taylor Dance Company
National Ballet of China New York City Ballet
Stuttgart State Ballet Murray Louis Dance Company
Rome Opera Ballet Boston Ballet
Norwegian Ballet Pennsylvania Ballet
Matsuyama Ballet Miami Ballet
Ballet de Monte Carlo Chicago Lyric Opera
Zurich Ballet Scottish Ballet,
Berlin Opera Ballet Ballet de Nancy
Ballet National de Marseille Iranian Ballet
Northern Ballet Company Paris Opera Ballet

When Rudolf Nureyev landed dramatically in the West in 1961, abandoning the Kirov Ballet on the tarmac of Le Bourget airport, he was hailed as the most sensational male dancer since Nijinsky, changing the male dancer's role from one of support to one of dominance.  He performed leading male roles with virile virtuosity, romantic grace and stylish high spirits.  He re-choreographed ballets such as Le Corsaire  and Don Quixote making them more exciting and strikingly personal versions of the classics leaving him  free to display his sharp, clean footwork and his tremendous leaps and turns in the air.

His debt to his Kirov training was evident in his expressiveness, scrupulous attention to detail and a pure melodic line.  Always striving for perfection, he continued his dance education throughout his life.  He often appeared on TV and in movies.  Never afraid to learn something new, for "Exposed", a film made in Paris with Nastassia Kinski, he learned to play the violin like a maestro in a week and to fire a revolver.  He also co-directed a film of his Don Quixote and in 1992 learned to conduct an orchestra.
The Rudolf Nureyev Dance Foundation hopes Rudolf Nureyev's spirit and energy will be a continuing  influence on the art of dance.  He set the standard for us to follow.


In Nureyev had affairs with the legendary lead singer of "Qween" Freddie Mercury, with Elton John, and according to rumors, even with an unforgettable Jean Marais. But his biggest love was a dancer Erik Bruhn, the star of the dance, the huge growth in Dane, danced in "Giselle." Their romance lasted until 1986, when Bruno had died of AIDS.
Rudic was shocked by the fact that publicly kissing passionately. Seeing the confusion surrounding it went into raptures. And he said that it was an old Russian custom.

- I lived on Sadovaya street, such as returning home by Alexander Garden. I look: two beautiful guy. One form, Suvorov, the other in jeans (still none of jeans was not) - Nureyev. And they are amazing kiss. I stopped. Nureyev turned and asked: "Like it?" I replied: "Awesome!" And then we have already met in London. He knew me. We talked. And he gave me his book with the inscription: "the regime's victims from the victim Ballet

Rudolf Nureyev: The descendant of Genghis Khan

       As befits the descendant of the nomads, Rudolf Nureyev was born in transit, and since then have not learned to stay in one place. Tartar-born Parisian residence, the Austrian on the passport, driving around, he collected an apartment, books, pictures. All that in the first half of November will be started up under the hammer at auction Christie's.
If Rudolf Nureyev stayed in Leningrad, he would now go on foot from the Vaganova School to his apartment on Nevsky Prospekt, sat in the Arts Council of the Kirov Theater and sought Western sponsors to repair damp rehearsal rooms.
       Instead, he has thirty years of hanging around the world, has never rested more than a week and slept in a day not more than six hours.
       His favorite apartment was on the Quai Voltaire in Paris, his will was opened in Monaco, his bank accounts - in Zurich, his public activities proceeded in America.
       In all this was exactly the same ordering as in stock, Christmas decorations, two days before the New Year.
       Not surprisingly, disputes over inheritance Nureyev's more like a Christmas bazaar, rather than decently legal procedure.
       Fund to Fight AIDS, who will get the most, are unable to agree among themselves.
       Christie's auction is already sold out of artistic values ??and real estate for nine million dollars.
       And in a hurry to sell off further.
       Like a bolt from the blue showed up Ufa and relatives, get lawyers, demand will cancel the sale to stop, the conditions reviewed.
       Nureyev's older sister - Rose seeks agreement under which it will be possible some of the things Nureyev withdraw from the auction and leave at the disposal of the family.
       To create in Ufa and St. Petersburg museum and a school named after Nureyev.
       Lawyers for the other side of limiting the cost of things that can dispose of relatives, fifty thousand dollars.
       Sum, even for a dwarf Ufa.
       But the museum itself Nuriyev like to have all the same in Paris and not in Ufa.
       Go to the fate of those places that he left thirty-five years ago, he, in fact, was quite indifferent.
       Of all ballet pas biggest success Nuriyev brought one - a pirouette in the air. Filled with elegant, at the right time and right place.
       Although the Paris airport, and probably difficult to find a suitable place for dancing Exercise.
       But when in 1961 in Le Bourget, two moderate Soviet official, politely and without looking at his interlocutor in the eye, Nureyev was asked a couple of days stop touring with the Kirov and the fly instead of London to Moscow - twenty-three dancer for a long time do not hesitate to have committed the most critical parameters.
       Who so brilliantly brought up in his students the Soviet ballet school.
       Takeoffs on one side of the barrier fence, it landed on the other. And gave themselves the care of police of the French Republic.
       This was followed by a pause in the forty-five minutes, as described by French law.
       Fugitives from the socialist paradise was guaranteed the opportunity to spend three-quarters of an hour in complete silence and solitude. In order to consider the consequences.
       Forty-five minutes Nureyev spent on something to ponder, is there enough money to him for dinner. And who can call in a completely strange city.
       But the airport has already raced cars with photographers and journalists.
       Over the ensuing few weeks the Soviet Embassy in Paris shook the lightning.
       A European public read heartfelt stories about the young genius of the city with a wild name Ufa. Who was born in an express train on the way from Siberia to Bashkortostan.
       And my first ballet class began attending in seventeen years - ten years later laid age.

Love Story
       Arid western civilization worshiped Nuriyev with delirium, befitting except that the pagan sun-worshipers.
       Journalists called it - "Rudy-mania."
       Marlene Dietrich was knocking at his dressing room asking for autographs.
       Jacob Rothschild of crazy whim Nureyev at midnight to ring round his influential friends, and demanded that for Rudolph this minute opened the London National Gallery (he, of course, is not denied).
       Olga Spesivtseva elderly, once a brilliant star of Diaghilev's seasons, with the corps de ballet stood idle in the wings - a velvet beret with beaded handbag - not to miss his exit.
       Greek billionaire Stavros Niarhos waited patiently, when Rudolph will give a free week. To arrange in his honor by a sea voyage on one of their precious boats.
       Arriving on a tour in the United States once in 1986, Nureyev was immediately surrounded by mounted police. Only under these conditions, the U.S. government has agreed to take responsibility for his safety.
       The square in front Metropolitain Opera was like a refugee camp. With reserves of eating, drinking and sleeping bags people were sleeping for four days before the building, waiting for the opening of the box office.
       One enterprising citizen of the United States came to mind selling photos to the Metropolitain Opera Nureyev, walking among the picturesque bivouac. By the end of the tour citizen of estimated revenue and found that it is more than sufficient for a year living in Europe.
       In the late seventies Nureyev schedule included two hundred and fifty performances a year - a record not surpassed yet by any dancer in the history of ballet.
       Great Rudolf Nureyev called the same evening, when he first appeared on the Parisian scene.
Over the next thirty-two years, this definition has not been questioned - and no one even once.
Back from the USSR
       Madness fanatics, the vast fees, Mounted Police, year-round tour - all this, we observe more and more like the life of a rock star. In a sense, Rudolf Nureyev was a rock star was.
       In the Euro-American Youth landscape sixtieth it fit without apparent effort. Despite the questionable English skills and no - the French.
       Dancing on the one-two hundred performances a year, he managed to lead a life completely unnatural for a classical dancer. The scheme of "diet-training-rest" as it existed was not for him.
       Nureyev hit spectators with unshorn hair before, as it ventured to go Beatles.
       He was shocked and moved by the its audience, being in the light of brocade and fur coats, iridescent colors, which seem impossible to be extracted from the color spectrum.
       In the same style of Genghis Khan's tent was decorated and his residence, where all the advantages of Western wealth multiplied by the highest degree east view of comfort.
       Silent servants served tea on the tables of green marble, the rooms are hung with carpets, passed in the hall, crowded with paintings and books.
       Nureyev himself grew roots in the space of a tracksuit and holey socks.
       Being on the high society cocktail party, he could throw in a rage at the priceless porcelain plate flooring, solely on the fact that suddenly understood: it is assumed to impose his own salad and caviar.
       "I - Nureyev, I do not do self-service!"
       He changed his beloved (both sexes), no time to properly look at their faces.
       Sucked up all available energy from the saloons, brothels, streets, restaurants, fashion shows, hustle, make love and business, Nureyev changed the flashy outfits to classic tights and go dancing.
       There, where from decade to decade reigned unchanging routine and equal reading for everyone. One-two-three-four. Giselle, Swan Lake, Raymonda, Don Quixote. " One-two-three-four. Overture, adagio pas de deux, a pirouette, bow.
       Classical dance, multiplied by the drive of a rock star, Nureyev made a god. Or so, at least - a demigod.
       Unique among all the dancers, painters, singers, musicians of the postwar art world. A world in which the classical art of dying from lack of air, as the vanguard of suffocating from an overabundance of money and alcohol.
       The ballet was not just a profession, career, earnings, and the only genuine passion Nureyev.
       Dancing, he earned millions. That it is extremely disliked.
       Luxuries he enjoyed, after thirty years of his life in the West with the same intensity as in the twenty-three years - after the half-starved provincial youth.
       But, happen to him left without a lucrative contract, he went to dance with the troupe first got free in the corps de ballet, without an audience, on a dark stage - anywhere.
       He did not succeed, little by little to prepare his way to a retreat and wait for the painful age features, gradually move from dancing to the business. As elegantly and subtly it has already made Mikhail Baryshnikov.
       Unbridled genius, too, Nureyev was not. Although it is sometimes taken for itself.
       Going into a rage, he was quite able, without hesitation, vlepit interlocutor in the face. That once experienced the world-famous and very boring choreographer Roland Petit. He is not alone.
       Riley inaccuracies orchestra, Nureyev could leave the stage during the performance. Giving the astonished dancer to improvise the final pas de deux alone.
       Nevertheless, given the post of director of the Paris Grand Opera, he tenaciously nestled in this chair for years to come.
       True, much of his prudence and organizational talents, he continued with the naive ruse used to dance myself.
       Dancers Opera - a monumental institution modeled after the Bolshoi Theatre - left to languish for weeks in anticipation of the right to go on stage.
       After receiving the appointment, Nureyev danced to start all the premieres are extremely angered troupe. He promised to stop dancing when he was forty-five.
       In forty-eight he was still dancing.
       And in the fifties.
       Colleagues have dreamed that the "Great and Terrible Rudi" finally retired and became a respectable, though short-tempered, the patriarch.
       Probably he was irritated and himself.
       "If you want to see how the dancing old bastard, come tonight to my show" - invited Nureyev friends.
       In the apology should remember the sad fact that Nureyev knew their diagnosis.
       And it is clearly understood that handsome old age in his life will not be.
       Taking care to leave all his fortune - about twenty million dollars - two funds to fight AIDS, Nureyev knew he had their very success will not help.
       And just kept on dancing. School and shape even allowed him to mislead the profane.
       Specialists, he vaguely said: "Fly in the air - no problem.'s Land is much more difficult."


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