Item Description




This mask is designed to prevent eyes and face from an impaction especially in the airsoft battle field.  It can resist a small object from plastic bullets to a large object like a baseball bat.
The painting:

Every painting is unique varied from handmade airbrushed to hand painted according to the design and details of each item. The painting is, at least 2 layers, multilayer coating. Each layer is infrared warm dried, which is the same process used in car painting. Hence, you can be sure that it is durable and tolerant even in the battle field.
The design:

 Due to agronomical design, our researchers, including maxillofacial prosthesis doctors, suggest a small concave at the cheek under the Zygomatic area, which makes the player able to target more precisely especially the bull eyes. Moreover, this mask is designed with a special eye expansion to the temporal area (the lateral part of the eye sockets). As a result, your eyes can move laterally about 95% out of normal visual field and allows you to have a broad side visual area without turning your head.

Toughness and strength:

The mask is made of microfilled resin and high quality fiberglass. This combination of hard surface and soft and flexible cortex (core) gives an extra resistance from a hit of a baseball bat to plastic bullets .

Adjustable and supporting liners:

 The 6 adjustable straps in combination with our special ergonomics designed soft sponge liner, is designed to make sure that the mask can be worn comfortably  and perfectly fits to any facial types. Our goal is to have a durable, tough, however, comfortable mask in any situation.
Ventilation system:

An extra space underneath and around the nose area is especially designed to allow you to breath easily.( Believe us, the small pinpoint holes are useless-but if you want, we can also make it)
Anti-fog system:

 The 6mm. clear acrylic glass is coated with anti-fog spray, however, the anti-fog is not lifelong. With our particular designed ventilation system, originally developed from our thermodynamic engineering researcher group*, the temperature inside the mask is reduced by unsealing the rims of the mask and around the eyes area. We also keep the space between each piece of sponge liners to let the hot air to flow out easily. With the combination of these methods, there will be less fog formation and the fog will no longer be your problem. We also have a stainless steel mesh to fit your personal requirement.
* all the data obtained are according to our actual/ in-the-field tests and trials.