Item Description
Armchair Theatre is a British television drama anthology series, which ran on the ITV network from 1956 until 1968 in its original form, and was resurrected intermittently during the 1970s. It was produced initially by Associated British Corporation, and during the 1970s by ABC's successor company Thames Television, which had been created when ABC merged with Rediffusion Television during 1968.  available here is 22 episodes I have collected over many many years and are offered on a collector to collector basis  pictures below are actual screengrabs of interactive menus on discs  Episodes  THE OMEGA MYSTERY  SHARP AT FOUR  THE SHIP THAT COULDN'T STOP  DR KABIL  LAST WORD ON JULIE  THE SCENT OF FEAR  THE CRIMINALS  THE BIG DEAL  THE SWINDLER  LONG PAST GLORY  THE CHERRY ON TOP  NEIGHBOURS  DON'T UTTER A NOTE  THE NOISE STOPPED  CALL ME DADDY  DANGER MEN WORKING  THE TRIAL OF DR FANCY  THE MAN OUT THERE  THE CHOCOLATE TREE  I CAN DESTROY THE SUN  WHERE I LIVE  THE FISHING MATCH   SUPPLIED ON WHITE TOPPED MEDIA IN PLASTIC SLEEVES  THIS HAS NEVER SEEN A DVD RELEASE AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL  THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO OWN SOME EXTREMELY RARE CLASSIC TELEVISION FROM THE 1960S