Item Description

This series begins a few months after Frankie's arrival.  Once Kathleen arrives on the scene I included all her scenes as well.  $8 per disc  will discount foe entire series.


1 - Frankie investiagting Jason's murder, Nicole's breakdown, Cass hallucinates Kathleen,  Frankie wants to work for Cass, Cass dates Caroline, Frankie goes undercover to investigate Lucas
2 - Frankie undercover as Lucas's assistant,  first date, Frankie class reunion, Cecile returns, Cecile stirs up trouble
3 - Cass stands Frankie up for John and Sharlene's wedding  because of Cecile,  Snowflake ball, Christmas, steamroom, Cecile leaves town,break up when Frankie realizes Cass slept with Cecile, Frankie dates Grifin,
4 - Grifin holds Frankie hostage, Cass rescues Frankie, Cass follows Frankie to the convent, Frankie afraid to be with Cass because of curse, investigate Ken Jordan, Cass tells Frankie he loves her, Cass proposes, Emma disapproves of Cass, Sharly causes blowup between Frankie and Emma, Frankie moves out till wedding
5 - Frankie moves out, Cass is Donna and Michael's lawyer for Mikey's custody hearing, Frankie panics before the wedding,  Frankie is kidnapped by Ryan and rescued by Cass


6 - candlelight wedding, Ryan and Frankie become friends, John and Sharlene have problems, Dean arrives, Jake is shot, Cass and Frankie prepare for Marley's trial
7 - Marley's trial, Christmas, Frankie discovers Kathleen is alive
8 - Donna confesses to shooting Jake, Cass sees Kathleen, Cass brings Kathleen back to Bay City
9 - Kathleen and Vince reunited, Broadcast announcing Kathleen is not dead, Carl returns, Frankie feels insecure, Cass and Kathleen sign divorce papers, Cass and Frankie try to remarry but Kathleen passes out, Cass moves out
10 - Cass living at  his office, Frankie finds out she is pregnant, Cass and Kathleen grow closer, Cass and Kathleen make love, Kathleen accidentally tells Frankie Cass is leaving her
11 -  Cass moves in with Kathleen, Everyone works to clear John of Taylor's murder, Frankie miscarries, Ryan and Frankie team up to find Signet, Cass and Frankie bond is still there,


12 - Lucas and Felicia marry at the wedding Kathleen tells Frankie her and Cass are getting married soon, Cass blows up at Kathleen, C&F would be 1st anniversary arrives they kiss while reminising, Kathleen and Cass's relationship crumbles, Cass goes away to think, Signet is revealed, Cass realizes he needs to be with Frankie not Kathleen, As Frankie is about to tell Cass about the miscarriage he accuses her of sleeping with Ryan, Frankie goes to OK to think 5.5 hours