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THE best serial killer movie ever. Gut-wrenching and highly disturbing. In German audio with English subtitles. Gerald Kargl's "Angst" is one of the most depressing and disturbing serial killer movies ever made. It's loosely based on an actual crime case-in 1980 Werner Kniesek from Salzburg horrendously murdered three people.Later he told the judge "I just love it when women shiver in deadly fear because of me. It is like an addiction,which will never stop"."Angst" is often compared to John McNaughton's "Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer", but it's even more unsettling and hopeless. The film is shot with a strong use of high-angle shots and hand-held camera-work. It tells the story of disorganized serial killer, who is released from prison. First he tries to strangle the female taxi driver, but she manages to kick him out of the car and escapes. The killer flees through the forest until he reaches a huge villa,where the family of three lives.In the orgy of extreme violence he murders them. A disabled and mentally retarded son on wheelchair is slowly drowned in a bathtub in a truly agonizing sequence,a middle-aged mother is strangled in her bedroom and finally her adolescent daughter is stabbed to death with a bread-knife. The killer viciously mutilates her corpse and rapes her post-mortem. All of this is shown in unflinching detail that made me squirm."Angst" is a hauntingly realistic portrayal of disorganized serial killer on the loose. This disturbed guy is a serious threat to every human being crossing his path. Erwin Leder as the killer is incredibly convincing. The murder sequences are so savage and shocking that you'll need an iron stomach to watch them. The camera work by Zbigniew Rybczynski is simply stunning and the film looks like semi-documentary."Angst" is easily one of the most gut-wrenching serial killer flicks I have ever seen. It makes "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Seven" look like kindergarten stuff. Highly recommended, but not for the easily disturbed. Fully uncut ENGLISH LANGUAGE DVD-R print.  Will play on any DVD recorder / player manufactured since 2000. Free worldwide shipping included .