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NEW SCSI Bus Converter

This auction is for one NEW,  Model SED-616M Single-Ended to/from Differential (HVD) to SCSI (Fast/20)

SCSI devices typically use either Single-Ended (SE) or Differential (HVD) interfaces, which cannot be mixed on the same bus. Ancot's SED converters allow interconnection of these two interfaces. By using Ancot's SED converters, a SCSI Host Bus Adapter with a Single-Ended (or HVD) interface can communicate with a mix of peripherals, some with Single-Ended, and some with Differential (HVD) interfaces. The SED converters can also be used in RAID environments or jukeboxes to isolate the internal and external SCSI bus segments. The SED converter operates bi-directionally.





Ancot's SED converters can also be used as inexpensive SCSI bus extenders. All signals on Ancot's SED converters are received and subsequently regenerated, thus allowing extension of the maximum cable length. To achieve maximum transfer rates, the SCSI specification recommends a maximum cable length of 6 meters (SE) or 25 meters (HVD). By using the Ancot SED converters, users can extend those distances and still achieve high transfer rates. For example, with two SED converters connected back-to-back, the length of the SE Fast/10 SCSI bus can be extended by another 25 meters (HVD branch) plus 6 meters (the second SE branch) to a total of 37 meters.



SCSI-1, 2, or UltraSCSI NARROW/WIDE (16-bit) support


Automatic operation, no programming or setup required


Support for Synchronous or Asynchronous transfer, arbitration, parity, disconnect/reconnect, and mix of SCSI targets and initiators on either side


SCSI bus termination is built in, enabled by DIP switch


CE / FCC class B certified





Support for all transfer rates, including Fast/10 and Fast/20 (20 MHz 'UltraSCSI')


SCSI bus termination is built in; SE side with active terminator, HVD side with a resistor terminator, both enabled individually by DIP switch


TERMPWR to SCSI connectors (enabled by jumpers), fused by circuit breaker




Uses external +5 Volt power supply (NOT-included)




Internally the 'UltraSCSI' version uses resynchronizing circuitry, eliminating signal skew on the data bus and the REQ or ACK. The REQ and ACK signals, if narrower than permitted in the SCSI-3 specification, are always latched and regenerated to 15 nanosecond minimum width. The data is then repositioned relative to the REQ or ACK strobes.

The SED616M, if used in NARROW and FAST/20 mode, provides 20 Mbytes throughput in the data phases. If used in WIDE and FAST/20 mode, it provides up to 40 Mbytes throughput.




The SED-616M is CE/FCC class B certified.





+5 Volt, 2 Amp DC, regulated



External Power Source (optional) is a regulated AC/DC adapter




SCSI-2 Fast/20 (UltraSCSI) and WIDE Converters:


SED-616M (board only)


16-bit SE to HVD converter board for SCSI-3 FAST/20 & WIDE (2 bytes) with two 68-pin high density 'P' type connectors


Dimensions: 3.95"(W) x 5.550"(L) x .50"(H) (10.033 x 14.097 x 1.27 CM)










One year, return to factory. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Payment should be made by Bidpay, Wire transfer, Money order or Cashier’s check. My office ships ups daily, and I only charge a reasonable packaging and shipping fee.


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