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Hello to my fellow Amy Winehouse fans. Up for bids is an amazing collection of performance specials and American festival performances of our beloved Amy Winehouse during Amy's debut period. All appearances are in the best quality possible. Here is the lists of what you'll be getting (won't be in this exact order on DVD):

2006 - AOL Winter Warmer (24 minutes)
2006 - Other Voices (13 minutes)
2007 - 45th at Night (22 minutes)
2007 - De La Semana (30 minutes)
2007 - I-concerts presents London Live (14 minutes)
2007 - Live in Milano (11 minutes)
2007 - The DL (17 minutes)
2007 - Summer Series at Somerset House (23 minutes)
2007 - TBA Special (23 minutes)
2007 - Coachela (20 minutes)
2007 - Discover & Download (12 minutes)
2007 - The Orange Lounge (8 minutes)
2007 - Tiscali Sessions (14 minutes)

There will be some things added from her performances in Boston and SXSW as well and will probably add another 20 mniutes to the set. DVD will be around 4 hours long.

You will not find this set ANYWHERE else. As I've spent several hours and days finding the footage in its absolute best quality and editing them together for best quality and over-all presentation. Other Amy fan sets are available.

Email me with any questions. Ship worldwide.

Payment: I accept money orders (within the US only). And also GoogleCheckout and Paypal. If submitting payment online, you must message me your email address so I can send you an invoice!

. DVD's come in a single white sleeve. DVD's have selection menus. Will replace defective discs, but no refunds as media is to easy to copy. Price of auction is for supplies and equipment keep up only. I am not charging you for this footage and/or music. It is my free gift to you.