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Excellent and comprehensive DVD compilation spanning 1969-1976.

1. Kanaan


1. Kanaan
2. Soap Shop Rock

BEAT CLUB (1970)
1. Between The Eyes
2. Eye-Shaking King

POP2 (1971)
1. Syntelman's March Of The Roaring Seventies
2. interview
3. Soap Shop Rock

POP2 (1971)
1. Soap Shop Rock

JAM (1971)
1. Kronwinkl 13

1. All The Years Round

POP2 (1973)
1. Jailhouse Frog
2. Eye-Shaking King
3. Imrpov

1. Archy the Robot
2. Lonely Woman
3. Jam Session
4. Surrounded By The Stars
5. Traveler
6. La Paloma Jam

ROCKPOP (1976)
1. Merlin

Running time: 134 minutes

Please note:
These are archival recordings and are not always necessarily up to commercial standards; however, great effort is taken to ensure best reproduction of the material. DVDs are professionally compiled, authored and burned and are exclusive releases. DVDs ship out in clear sleeve with printed artwork with full program details (CD sized). These titles are offered for other collectors and are intended for personal home viewing only, all titles are believed to be in the public domain, with no rights given or implied.