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Your Chemistry Connection on Ebay! Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate 30% SolutionINCI: Ammonium Lauryl SulfateCAS: 2235-54-3 A widely used, top quality anionic surfactant in personal care washes, soaps, cleansers, and detergents. Mild Surfactant. Excellent foam. Environmentally friendly. Studies show product biodegrades rapidly in the environment. Similar products are: Ammonium Lauryl Sufate, ALS 30, ALS, CalFoam ALS, Stepanol AHV
Diethanolamides are great foam boosters, stabilizers and viscosity builders/modifiers for Body Wash
Hand soaps
Bath products
Rug and carpet shampoo formulas
Detergents where you want an Environmentally friendly surfactant.
Used primarily for their foaming ability in shampoos, detergents and applications where a quality foam is desired. Compatible with amphoterics and alkanolamides. In alkaline pH range there will be an ammonia odor. Email me for other sizes.

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