Item Description
AMERIKA - ABC's 1997 miniseries. Never aired again on TV. The
unthinkable has happened. Democracy is dead. The Bill of Rights is
a powerless piece of paper. From sea to shining sea, and occupying
foreign force contrails the US.

It is 1997 and the United States is entering its tenth year
under Soviet domination. Apparently, there was some kind of an
invasion in '87, though we never really get the full back-story on
this important point. "Heaven's Gate" star Kris Kristofferson
portrays an imprisoned resistance fighter who eventually leads the
triumphant revolution to free the country and replace that annoying
"K" with its rightful "C." Aired during the waning days of the
Reagan presidency.

6 DVD's total - no artwork uncut series- awesome
quality! Great series and FREE SHIPPING US and Canada - only $5.00