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ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INDIAN WARS: Western Battles and Skirmishes, 1850-1890 by Gregory F. Michno. Hard Cover, ISBN 0-87842-468-7, Pages 448 Size 6 x 9.

Acclaimed independent history scholar Gregory Michno has created a chronological listing of every significant fight between Indians and the United States Army, as well as better-known Indian battles with civilian emigrants. This detailed study is more than a reference book: its an illuminating portrayal of a violent era and a compelling examination of the machinations of frontier warfare. In this unique survey Michno not only presents vivid accounts of 675 fights, but also sorts and analyzes the data to reveal patterns and draw conclusions, some of which challenge the current orthodoxy among historians. For example, Michno refutes the revisionist claim that the "wild" West is a myth, that the frontier was no more violent than any other time or place in American history. His investigation of the frequent conflicts and high body counts shows that the frontiers notoriety was indeed well deserved. Photographs and detailed maps accompany the text to pinpoint battle sites. In addition to the books general index, two supplementary indexes allow readers to look up battles by state and by tribe. Contains 50 photographs, 19 maps, 6 tables, notes, appendix, bibliography, and three indexes. This book is brand new from the publisher. Shipping $3.10 to U.S. zip code. Non-US delivery $9.00 Flate Rate Global Priority. Thanks for looking.