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 America's Town Meeting On The Air on one Mp3 DVD.  Contains 38  episodes.

This disc will not play in regular CD players.  This disc will only work on your DVD computer drive.

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Show Episodes

America's Town Meeting of the Air: Debating Refugee and Immigration Policy in Post-WWII America 59:38
America's Town Meeting of the Air: Earl Browder on Labor and American Communism (10-24-1946) 8:41
Are the Schools Doing Their Job 59:35
ATMOTA_-_350614_-_Will_The_Demands_Of_Organized_Labor_Promote_Recovery 59:41
ATMOTA_-_351205_-_Has_The_New_Deal_Promoted_Or_Retarded_Business_Recovery 1:00:25
ATMOTA_-_351212_-_Personal_Liberty_And_The_Modern_State 59:27
ATMOTA_-_351219_-_Should_We_Plan_For_Social_Security 59:19
ATMOTA_-_360319_-_The_Supreme_Court_And_The_Constitution 1:00:56
ATMOTA_-_360402_-_Will_Unionization_Promote_Industrial_Recovery 59:54
ATMOTA_-_360416_-_Will_The_Machine_Dominate_Man 58:55
ATMOTA_-_361105_-_Public_Opinion_And_The_Town_Meeting_Idea 1:00:47
ATMOTA_-_361126_-_What_Does_The_Public_Want_In_Music 59:50
ATMOTA_-_380203_-_What_Does_Democracy_Mean 1:00:41
ATMOTA_-_381201_-_Is_An_Economic_Plan_For_World_Peace_Available 32:35
ATMOTA_-_381208_-_How_Should_The_Democracies_Deal_With_The_Dictatorships 1:00:52
ATMOTA_-_390112_-_Do_We_Have_A_Free_Press 1:10:22
ATMOTA_-_391019_-_What_Are_The_Real_Issues_In_The_European_War 1:00:13
ATMOTA_-_391116_-_Should_We_Ignore_Racial_Differences 1:01:20
ATMOTA_-_391207_-_Can_Business_And_Government_Work_Together_Today 1:00:10
ATMOTA_-_400125_-_Should_The_Presidents_National_Defense_Program_Be_Adopted 59:47
ATMOTA_-_400307_-_What_Should_America_Do_For_The_Joads 59:48
ATMOTA_-_400411_-_What_Are_The_Essential_Differences_Between_The_Republican_And_Democratic_Parties 1:00:04
ATMOTA_-_411113_-_What_Kind_Of_Peace_Must_We_Have_clip 2:19
ATMOTA_-_460117_-_What_Does_The_Returning_GI_Expect_At_Home_excerpt 5:09
ATMOTA_-_480622_-_Are_You_Preparing_To_Grow_Old_Successfully 30:32
ATMOTA_-_491220_-_Will_A_100_Dollar_Pension_Provide_Real_Security 58:39
Do We Really Elect Our Own President 14:08
Does America Need Compulsory Health Insurance? 1:00:02
Lemuel Boulware on America's Town Meeting of the Air ~ 6-7-1949 (selection) 4:17
Should the Communist Party Be Outlawed in the United States 44:45
390216 Reinhold Niebuhr on Progress in Technology and Morality (excerpt 10:16
391123 What Does American Democracy Mean to Me (excerpt) 5:45
401212 What Are We Preparing to Defend 55:02
401226 What Is Youth's Role in the Defense of Democracy 55:40
47-09-23 Ladies' Fashions 56:04
471007 What Can We Do To Improve Race And Religious Relationships In America 57:56
480323 Should The Presidents Civil Rights Program Be Adopted 1:00:22
520603 Who Are The Troublemakers In Our Democracy - Incomplete 31:33

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