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Prior to the time that the United States' current Commander in Chief sent all available military personnel to Iraq and Afghanistan to force a democracy on a people who obviously don't want it, or can't handle it, there was a time when the military could afford to send our troops to wrestling tournaments here in the USA! This DVD features one such tournament. Wrestling competitors from four branches of the U.S. military: Air Force, Navy, Marines, and the Army. The audience is mostly other members of military cheering on their fellow troops, with some wives, girlfriends, parents and kids also present. This is NOT a professionally-produced item, it appears to have been shot with a camcorder. The cameraman usually got the majority of the match length; about 4-5 minutes of each match then he would pan over to another match in progress. The action never stops. Sometimes the camera would sway to the sidelines to hunky coaches, and muscular wrestlers who would be stripping or streching! Lots of adreniline in this gym! Some highlights include: Two guys wrestle who look like twins. They are both tall, lean, and have shaved heads. The "Air Force" uniform features a logo and lightning bolt right across the butt! Very hot ... A muscular, Latino heavyweight is featured in two matches who throws his heavier opponents around with no problems and ties them up like pretzals. A tall, well-built blonde guy gets a near fall on his opponent that last several minutes. First he cross-faces him with his right arm. The guy wriggles free, then he cross-faces with his left arm. The guy squirms free again, so the blonde guy secures his legs with an awesome double grapevine. You can the muscles in his whole body tense up as he applies the pressure and gets the pin! DVD runs two hours and video quality is excellent throughout! All images included are actual scans from the DVD.