Item Description
Wonderful natural Carpet
 made in high quality Alpaca fur,

This beautiful Carpet in the best quality of natural Alpaca Pelt.

Has a size of 2.00 x 2.00 cm , 6.6 X 6.6 Ft.    

 Its softness and perfect appereance will cautivate you . Any of our Rugs and Carpets can also be made under your special request depending on the size of your rooms.

All our Carpets are handmade by artisans which have the knowledge for years working with this kind of nice Rugs which are recognized for its softness and the high quality of the Pelt.

These special garments can be only found in the
 ''''''''''''''''''''''Land of the Inkas''''''''''''''''''''''''
We have many different designs and natural colors,can be made in adult Alpaca Pelt or Babyalpaca.,depending on your preference.

Start to enjoy of such a special and warm Carpet.
Please take a look in our other offers and find the perfect one for your home,office or as a very nice present to anyone in your family or friends.