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Super obscure Sexploitation H/C horror from the 42nd street era. Full screen with English audio. The film tells the tale of an evil head of an asylum, which is really just a cover for a black magic coven.Trouble soon arrives though, in the form of a new nurse (Gena Lee) who finds the goings on at the asylum a bit too strange...All The Devils Angels does not play just like a standard horror film. The writing is very strong and the acting is quite good, especially on the part of Lee, in the role of the nurse. The film is sinister at just the right moment, offers the right shock just when it is needed, but never exploits the characters or the plot. The film is in fact too good to be such an obscure little thing as it is, and is in desperate need of rediscovery.One of the films most interesting features is in fact not related to the story at all. It is the running time. It clocks in at just under 99 minutes, which is far longer than the average sexploitation film. DVD-R Will play on any DVD recorder / player manufactured since 2000. Free worldwide shipping included .