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This short-lived spinoff of "All in the Family" is an extremely rare find.

The show aired on CBS during the 1994
season and has not been re-aired. The show was the last "All in the Family" spin-off and took place in the house that the Bunkers lived in. The show was a direct reversal of the premise of the original "All in the Family." Ernie (John Amos of "GoodTimes") and Rose (Lynnie Godfrey) Cumberbatch were African American, blue collar, working class Democracts, while their son Goodie (T.E. Russell) was a conservative activist. Further adding conclict, Goodie's girlfriend (Maura Tierney of "ER" and
"Newsradio") was Jewish.

You will be receiving one disc with the five aired episodes on them. Also included is an alternative pilot and an "Entertainment Tonight" clip. This show is an extremely rare show and a must for any "All In the Family" fan.

Notes about quality: Many of the programs I offer are very rare and have not aired in the United States in decades causing quality to vary. Every attempt it made to ensure they are the highest possible quality and all are completely watchable. Each DVD is tested on two separate machines before I mail.

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