Item Description

This short-lived spinoff of "All in the Family" is an extremely rare find.  The show aired on CBS during the 1982-83 season and been aired only once since.  The show followed Gloria Bunker Stivic as she rebuilt her life after Mike divorced her.  The show takes place in upstate New York and stars Sally Struthers, Burgess Meredith, Jo De Winter , Lou Richards and Christian Jacobs.

You will be recieving two discs with seven episodes on them.  They are:

  • "The First Day"
  • "The First Date"
  • "If at First You Don't Succeed"
  • "Pigs in a Blanket"
  • "Miracle at Fox Ridge"
  • "Visitation" 
  • "Divorce Papers"

"Miracle" is an original CBS broadcast with original commercials.  DVDs have interactive menus.  This show is an extremely rare show and a must for any "All In the Family" fan.

Notes about quality:   Many of the programs I offer are very rare and have not aired in the United States in decades causing quality to vary.  Every attempt it made to ensure they are the highest possible quality and all are completely watchable.  Each DVD is tested on two separate machines before I mail.  

Notes about shipping:  because this is a hobby it may take a few days for me to ship out your DVDs.  No order will take more then 1 week to ship out. Orders are shipped in manila envelopes with sturdy packing to ensure they do not damage in transit.  I will ship internationally, but it will cost more then within the USA.