Item Description
Four alien prisoners crash on Earth and inhabit the bodies of some 1930s teens. When an alien bounty hunter comes looking for them, the aliens hide in their spaceship for the next 50 years. Cut to the 1980s and a construction crew unearths the ship and releases the aliens still in their 30s human form. They head to NYC to get weapons and plutonium to fix their ship. They also catch the eye of Matt (Kirk Fogg), a comic book artist who makes these outcasts he sees briefly once the main characters of his new comic and his wild imagination depicts them as alien terrorists inhabiting the bodies of folks from the 30s. He's good! Of course, the aliens see this comic and get all angry. And, as if all these coincidences weren't enough, the bounty hunter alien inhabits Matt's girlfriend Ginny (Gina Mastrogiacomo).This tongue-in-cheek sci-fi flick won me over about midway through when two aliens descend upon a nuclear power plant and shoot over 30 people in the process. You have to love a film with so little respect for safety workers. Richard Haines directed this after SPLATTER UNIVERSITY (1984) and CLASS OF NUKE 'EM HIGH (1986) and his skills have improved somewhat; dramatically compared to SPLATTER. Despite not being made for Troma, the aroma is still there in the splatter, exploding heads, random nudity and slimy aliens. Lead Fogg looked so familiar and hitting the IMDb reminded me he was the host of the early 90s Nickelodeon game show LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE. Mastrogiacomo's next role, believe it or not, was a supporting turn in GOODFELLAS (1990), making one hell of a back-to-back movie role trivia. Robert Prichard is the lead bad alien and he was also in NUKE 'EM HIGH as Spike. Look for Jaime Gillis in a small role and a shot of the Roxy 4 movie theater offering VAMPIRE HOOKERS, DOLEMITE, HI-RIDERS and RUBY on the marquee.ships in a plain sleeve with no artwork