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This is the deal. I've traded for years and I'm giving it
up. Now it's time to pass my years of collecting on. You get rare
early to present Alice Cooper related fan
filmed discs!

ALICE COOPER 1965-2012 Rare Clips Collection 9 DVD set

This collection features tons of rare clips of Alice Cooper throughout his long career. Many clips are fan made in youtube style form, music with slideshows. Many TV appearances, Interviews, Movie Clips, News Footage, Promos, Covers, Commercials and Live clips. A great collection for all Alice Cooper fans. You get:

Disc 1: Clip Collection 1965-1972
Don't Blow Your mInd (The Spiders), No Price Tag (The Spiders), Hitch Hike (The Nazz), I Wonder Whose Loving Her Now? (The Nazz), Laydown & Die, Goodbye (The Nazz), Changing Arranging (The Nazz), Levity Ball (1969), Shoesalesman (1969), Live@Notre Dame 1970, Be My Lover (1971), Barry Richards Show TV 1971, Hanging Act 1971, Black Juju 1971, Under my Wheels 1971, Old Gret Whistle Test Outtake 1971, French TV 1971, Gutter Cats vs Jets 1971, Killer 1972, Public Animal #9 (1972), Toronto News 1972

Disc #2: Clip Collection 1073 - 1977
Hello Hurray 1973, Finnish Nation TV 1973, Halo of Flies 1973, Snoop Sisters TV 1973, Good to See Ya Trailer, Rio 1974, 16th Annual Grammys 1974, Holland Interview 1974, Big Apple Dreaming 1974, Woman Machine 1974, 18 Live 1976, Steven (1976), Alice & Bob Ezrin Interview, Go to Hell, Wish You Were Here, I Never Cry 1976, Alice presents award 1976, Kids World 1977, with ABBA 1977, Gong Show 1977, You & Me 1977, Countdown 1977, Lace & Whiskey 1977

Disc #3: Clip Collection 1978 - 1985
Millie & Billie 1978, Soupy Sales Show 1979, Galaxy Tour promo 1979, Clones 1980, Toronto Riot 1980, Eyewitness News 1980, Roots of Rock 1980, Pain (1980 Roadie Movie), Roadie Clip 1980, Vicious Rumors 1981, Who Do You Think We Are? 1981, Model Citizen 1982, Zipper Catches Skin TV spot 1982, Class of 1984 trailer, I Am the Future 1982, Radio 1 Rock On Interview 1982, Da Da 1983, See Me in the Mirror 1984, Identity Crisis 1984, 18 (Anthrax cover), MTV Interview 1985, Be Kruel to Your Skoll (w/Twisted Sister)

Disc #4: Clip Collection 1986-1991
Contrictor Ad, England News 1986, Tube TV 1986, Entertainment USA 1986, Halloween Concert Promo, School's Out (Krokus cover 1986), Toronto Rocks Interview, Wrestlemania 3, Prince of Darkness trailer, Roses on White Lace 1987, Toronto Concert ad, It's Only Rock n Roll TV 1987, Toronto News 1988, Killer 1988 Rehearsal, Under my Wheels w/Guns n Roses, Ballad of Alice Cooper (Bon Jovi), Muscle of Love 1989, 1990 Grammy Awards, Today Profile 1990, House of Fire: American Music Awards 1990, In Concert 1991, Hey Stoopid 1991

Disc #5: Clip Collection 1992 - 1999
Burning Our Beds TV 1992, Wayne's World Clip 1992, The Garden (Guns n Roses), No More Mr Nice Guy (Megadeth Cover), Brian Conley Show 1994, I'm a Boy (w/Roger Daltry), Something Wilder TV episode, Last Temptation trailer, Cleansed by Fire 1995, Elected w/ Slash & Rob Zombie, King Harod's Song, with Pat Boone, Alice Cooper Band - Desperado 1997, Reunion 1998, Dusseldorf 1998, Fly on the Wall, AC Band - Muscle of Love, Start Me Up w/Roger Daltry, David Letterman Show 1999

Disc #6: Clip Collection 2000 - 2006
Wicked Young Man, Blow Me a Kiss 2000, Daily Show 2000, Hands of Death Remix, Late Show 2000, Rock Line Clip, Cold Machine, Attic Expeditions Movie Clip, Big Brother 2001, Top of the Pops 2002, This House is Haunted, Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, Late Night 2003, Baseball 8/19/04, Between High School...., Dirty Diamonds, British Soap Awards

Disc #7: Clip Collection 2007 - 2012
Scream Awards 2007, Halo of Flies 2007, Top of the Pops 2008, Along Came a Spider Trailer 2009, Along Came a Video, Legend on Stage 2009, Meet & Geet London, Ace Frehley Birthday 2009, Keeping Halloween Alive, Gruesome Twosome, Poison 2010, Alice Cooper Band - 18 (2010), Alice Does Alice 2010, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Welcome 2 Preview, I'll Bite Your Face Off, Clones 2011, Run, Rudolf Run 2011, Last Man on Earth, Born This Way 2012, School's Out 2012

Disc #8: Clip Collection Bonus Disc #1
Alice Does Alice: Elected, Because (1978), Getting to Know Alice, Commercials, Another Brick in the Wall, Interview 1990, Alice Cooper Band - Golden Gods, Guitar Hero - Behind the Sceens, Michael Bruce - Hard Hearted Alice 2001, Jools Interview, Nobody Likes Me, Lordi Interview, Whole Lotta Love w/ Steven Tyler & Joe Perry, Alice Cooper: His Wife & Kids, Electrocutes Dave Mustaine, I Saw Her Standing There, Tour Blog, Bonnorro Interview, Only Women Bleed (Tori Amos cover), Come Together w/ Aerosmith

Disc #9: Clip Collection Bonus Disc #2
The Man with the Golden Gun, Happy Holidays from Alice Cooper (We Wish You a Merry Christmas), Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Alice Cooper & Rob Zombie Talk, Welcome to My Nightmare (Dio Cover), Meeting the King, Johnny Depp jams w/Alice, NME Interview, It's the Little Things, Golden Gods Backstage, I'll Bite Your Face Off, Tire Commercial, Medicine Ball Caravan, My Generation, Headlines, Interview CT, American Idol, Late Show, 1971, Glen Buxton Memorial