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Alex Chilton Video History DVD

Box Tops-1967
The Letter
The Letter #2 upbeat
Turn on a Dream(Mike Douglas 1968)
Soul Deep (Mike Douglas 1968)

Big Star 1971
Thank you friends (Video shot by Chris Bell & Andy Hummel)
In the Street(Jay Leno 1993)

Alex Chilton
Neon Rainbow + The Letter(MTV 120 Minutes)
The Letter(Entertainment Tonight mid '80s)
Make A little Love(French TV Mid 80's)

Big Star
The Ballad of El Goodo(Missouri 1993)
13(Fillmore, California 2007)

Alex Chilton & YO LA Tengo
Till the end of the day (hoboken 2007)
Femme Fatale(Hoboken 2007)
Let Me get Close to You Hoboken(2007)

Big StarI Am the Cosmos(Clapham UK 2008)

Box tops
Cry Like A Baby(Hoboken 2009)
Neon Rainbow(Hoboken 2009)
Flying Saucers Rock & Roll(Hoboken 2009)
A Whiter Shade of Pale(Hoboken 2009)

John Fry Mixing Big Star

Big Star Story Behind the scenes 1 & 2