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Fifty Interesting & Rare 19th Century Books in PDF format on CDROM scanned from the original regarding the Alcohol, Temperance, Prohibition, Drugs and the Bible

Comes with FREE programs and games like the BLOOD ALCOHOL CALCULATOR

The Ramrod Broken, Or, The Bible, History, and Common Sense in Favor of the Moderate use of Good Spiritour Liquors
by a New England journalist 1859

Life and letters of John Albert Broadus 1901
The idea that the word wine in the Bible sometimes means an un-intoxicating beverage is without any sufficient foundation. Some men have written to that effect, but no man who is a thorough Hebrew or Greek scholar, as far as I know, at all takes any such position.

The Theological Critic by T.C. Arnold (see page 617) 1851

Communion Wine and Bible Temperance - William Makepeace Thayer 1869

Oinos, a Discussion of the Bible Wine Question by Leon Field 1883

The Two-Wine Theory by Edward Jewett 1888

The Bible and Wine by Alexander Campbell 1870

A Lay Thesis on Bible Wines by Edward Emerson 1902

Thayer's Greek English Lexicon of the New Testament 1889

Joseph Smith (Mormon) as Scientist: a Contribution to Mormon Philosophy By John Andreas Widtsoe
"Taken habitually in excess, alcohol produces the most deplorable results, and is a very common cause of fatal maladies."

The Methodist Review - Two Articles: Was Jesus a Wine-Bibber, and Wines of the Bible
"Chancellor Crosby says "There is not a chemist or a classical scholar in the world who would dare risk his reputation on the assertion that there was ever an unfermented wine in common use, knowing well, that must preserved from fermentation is called wine only by a kind of courtesy (as the lump of unbaked dough might be called 'bread,') and that this could never, in the nature of things be a common drink."

The Wine of the Bible: and the Bible Use of Wine By Ralph S. Crampton 1859

The Bible,Teetotalism,and Dr.Lees by David Williams 1859

The Physiology of Teetotalism by S Anseer 1883

Bible Hygiene or Health Hints by a Physicians 1879
Of the whole number of texts in which the word wine is mentioned, only twenty-four of them speak of it as a permitted enjoyment; and these doubtless allude to simple, unfermented, non-alcoholic grape juice or must like that now so much prized by the people of modem grape-growing countries, though uniformly used mainly or only by them, on account of the difficulty of getting and keeping it elsewhere. It was doubtless this variety that God desired as a drink offering (Exod. xxix. 40); that Solomon likened to wisdom (Prov. ix. 2); that Jesus made at Cana (John ii. 2) ; that David credits with "making glad the heart of man" (Psalm civ. 15)

The Union Bible Dictionary 1842
WINE. (Gen. xiv. 18.) There has been some controversy as to the nature and qualities of the liquor which is called wine
in our Scriptures.

Letter to Howard Crosby on his denial of Teetotalism as a Bible Rule By John Marsh 1867

Scientific Temperance Journal 1900

Temperance Pamphlets 1841

Lectures on Biblical Temperance by E. Nott 1863

A Review of Edward H. Jewett's "Communion wine." By John Ellis 1889

Hand-book of Prohibition 1885

Prohibition a Failure: Or, The True Solution of the Temperance Question
by Dio Lewis 1875

Prohibition: It is in Violation of the Reserved Rights of the Citizen, is not sanctioned by the Bible
by James C. McGinnis, Charles Robinson 1884

The Booze Route; a Reform Book on Some of the Up-to-date Evils of the Age by John E. Main 1907

The Mysteries of Opium Revealed by John Jones 1701 (often difficult to read)

Permanent Temperance Documents of the American Temperance Society
by American Temperance Society - 1835 - 46o pages
Annual report of the Society, 4th-9th, 1831-1836.

Alcohol and the State: A Discussion of the Problem of Law
by Robert Carter Pitman - 1877 - 400 pages

The Temperance Bible-commentary: Giving at One View, Version, Criticism
by Frederic Richard Lees, Dawson Burns - 1870 - 460 pages

The Temperance Bible-commentary: Giving at One View, Version, Criticism
by Frederic Richard Lees, Dawson Burns - 1870 - 46o pages

The Foundation of Death: A Study of the Drink-question
by Axel Gustafson - 1885 - 600 pages
J., Alcohol against the Bible, and the Bible against alcohol.

England's curse and its cure [a book on the drink problem]
by John Walter - 1871
The Bible, which is the only absolute standard of right and wrong, what is its teaching on the question?

Bible Wines: Or, The Laws of Fermentation and Wines of the Ancients
by William Patton - 1874 - 130 pages

Gospel Temperance: The Law of God
by J. M. Van Buren - 1877 - 120 pages

Alcohol and the Human Race
by Richmond Pearson Hobson - 1919 - 200 pages

The Disease of Inebriety from Alcohol, Opium, and Other Narcotic Drugs by American Association for the Study and Cure of Inebriety, Thomas Davison Crothers 1893

Alcohol, a Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine
by Fritz Wilhelm Woll, Alfred Fournier, Martha Meir Allen - 1900 - 227 pages

Lectures on Temperance
by Eliphalet Nott, Alonzo Potter - 1857 - 335 pages

Alcohol; Its Relation to Human Efficiency and Longevity
by Eugene Lyman Fisk - 1917 - 210 pages

Wine-drinking and the Scriptures
by Tayler Lewis - 1881 - 21 pages

Wines of the Bible: (a Lecture).
by Norman Shanks Kerr - 1885

Teetotalism, the Teaching of the Bible: Being a Reply to the "clerical World"
by Frederick Lees - 1883 - 135 pages

The Liquor Problem in All Ages
by Daniel Dorchester - 1888 - 720 pages

Religion and Drink
by Edmund Atwill Wasson - 1914 - 300 pages

Protestant Jesuitism
by Calvin Colton - 1836 - 290 pages

Methodism and the Temperance Reformation
by Henry Wheeler - 1882 - 280 pages

Lincoln and Liquor
by Duncan Chambers Milner - 1920 - 15o pages

Total Abstinence; a Course of Addresses
by Benjamin Ward Richardson - 1878 - 110 pages

The Worship of Bachus, a Great Delusion
by E. Clarke - 1876 - 80 pages

The Bible wine question. The answer to the 'unanswerable': or An exposure of the Fallacies of the 3 Irish Advocates
by Frederic Richard Lees, Yayin - 1876

Scripture Testimony Against Intoxicating Wine
by William Ritchie - 1866 - 209 pages

King Alcohol Dethroned
by Iglehart, Ferdinand Cowle, 1845 - 1917 - 370 pages

Scans may reflect the antiquated quality of the original. Let's face it, many of these
books are really old and often hard to read. Sometimes (though rarely) pages may be faded,
torn, or missing. Most people, as you can tell by my feedback are very happy though, and
happy to get so much information on one very cheap CDrom.