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Brand new Sealed, Never Played, and Full Artwork Dvd
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Original source recording Recorded From Main Disc Source For Best Quality
Rare dvd! Excellent Audio &Amp; Video Quality
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Alanis Morissette Video Collection DVD- New Rare DVD!!
Original New DVD- Sealed , never played, original artwork. A one-of-a-kind DVD . All videos from 1995-2008.
Over 20 excellent music videos. Bonus features, full original artwork.
Track Listing:

1. You Outta Know
2. Hand In My Pocket
3. You Learn
4. Head Over Feet
5. Ironic
6. Thank You
7. Unsent
8. So Pure (Rare Video)
9. No Pressure Over Cappuccino (MTV Unplugged)
10. Hands Clean
11. Precious illusions
12. Uninvited
13. Everything
14. Eight Easy Steps
15. Crazy
16. Hand In My Pocket
17. Underneath

Bonus Videos and features as well !