Item Description
Airsoft AK-47, R36-CQB, MOD 5, AGM Shotgun, M1911, & KS-91 COMBO w/ 0.12g GoldenBall ProSlick BBs and 4 Shells Signature Package Includes: 1. GA Airsoft AK47 Tactical Spring Rifle with Hi-Cap Magazine w/ Full StockSpecifications:Operation: Spring ActionType of fire: SingleVelocity: 190-250 FPS w/ 0.12g BBsMagazine: 200-rd high capacity magazineLength: 29 inchesWeight: 2 poundsConstruction: High quality ABSAmmo type: 0.12g seamless bbs, .20g seamless bbsPackage includes: Rifle, high capacity magazine, functional flashlight, mock scope, starter pack of 6mm bbs 2. DE Airsoft R36-CQB Compact Rifle Package w/ Tactical Flashlight and Electronic Red Dot ScopeOperation:  Spring action rifleFiring Modes:  Spring (single shot)Muzzle Velocity: 230-280 FPSMagazine: 40-round magazineHop-up:  AdjustableRifle Weight:  2.5 poundsAmmo type: 0.12 gram, 0.20 gram seamless bbsPackage includes: Rifle, instruction manual, magazine, bbs, red dot scope, flashlight3. 350 FPS AGM Airsoft Sawed Off Shell-Fed Pump Action Shotgun w/ Tactical Flashlight UnitOperation:  Spring action Firing Modes:  single shot Muzzle Velocity:  295-345 FPS Magazine: each shell holds 14 BBs, package comes with 4 shellsHop-up:  Adjustable Rifle Weight:  3 pounds Ammo type:  0.12gram seamless bbs, 0.20gram seamless bbs, 0.25gram seamless bbs Package includes: shotgun, 4 shells, tactical flashlight4.   WellFire Airsoft Mod 5 Tactical Spring Rifle w/ Tactical Flashlight and Mock Sight PackageOperation:  Spring ActionFiring Modes: Manual spring actionMuzzle Velocity: 240-270 FPSMagazine: 30-round standard magazineHop-up:  FixedWeight:  3.5 poundsAmmo type:  0.12 gram seamless bbs, 0.20 gram seamless bbsPackage includes: Rifle, manual, magazine, flashlight5.   Airsoft DeltaForce Tactical KS-91 Full Size Pistol with Electronic Red Dot ScopeSpecifications:BB type:  0.12g seamless BBsPower:  200-260 FPS (feet per second)Package includes:  KS-91, magazine, red dot scope, small pack of BBsManufacturer:  DE Arms6.  CYMA Airsoft Ultra-Grade Full Size M1911 Heavyweight Pistol w/ Railed Frame SpecificationsPower:  225-265 FPS with 0.12g seamless BBsWeight:  300gMag capacity:  12-14 roundsBB Type:  0.12g or 0.20g seamless 6mm BBsPackage includes:  Ultra-Grade CYMA M1911 full size pistol, magazine7.   Pack of 4 x 14-Round AGM M180 / M183 / M500 Shotgun Shells - Factory Original M180 ShellsPack of 4x 14-round AGM factory-original shotgun shells made out of durable ABS composite.  Holds 14 BBs per shell, or 14 shots (1 BB per shot). Compatible with AGM and G.A. M180 / M183 / M500 shell-fed shotguns.  Good quality, fit and finish, with gold colored shell tip (very realistic). 8.  0.12G GoldenBall "ProSlick" JDM-Spec Seamless Premium Grade Airsoft BBs - 5,000rd Bag---asm----