Item Description
The compressor may not look exactly like the one
shown here. AireTex 45 gasoline air compressor 4500 PSI max
working pressure 3-stage, 3-cylinder compressor Stainless steel
valves Low-speed operation Stainless steel intercoolers &
after-cooler Dual-stage water separator Purifier meets or exceeds
CGA G7.1 Grade E and NFPA 1500 standards Mechanical separator
removes particles, oil mist & water droplets Suitable for
breathing air Purifier chamber rated for 5000 PSI operation
Activated carbon removes tastes & odors Catalyst converts
carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide Motor overload shutdown Hour
meter 15,000 cu. ft. filtration system Includes standard scuba yoke
& 300 DIN filler hose
AireTex compressors are as durable and reliable as they are
portable. This gasoline compressor gives you max 4500 PSI at less
than 10 degrees above ambient room temperature! It takes about 23
minutes to fill an 80 cu ft air bottle. Use only for filling scuba
tanks and other high-volume devices. Do not connect directly to an
airgun reservoir, as it will fill too fast and heat up. When
filling air bottles, do not leave the compressor unattended! Please
allow up to 72 hours for items to be shipped. #3309-9