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M4 1 x 30 full metal inside the red point, sniper mirror
(7 level red lights + Mount + Protective cover)
Length: 130 mm
Comp M4 Aimpoint Comp M series is the latest model, has set up a file in the U.S. a new round of M68 CCO bidding competition
Winner, will gradually replace Comp M2, Aimpoint company also won the U.S. 160000 sets of large orders.
Comp M4 with before Aimpoint Comp M series products compare, the biggest improvement is to use a single AA (5).
Battery power supply, and thoroughly resolve the original Aimpoint Comp M series to use special battery for. And ACET
Technology also can make a AA battery life further increased to 80000-500000 hours. Because the battery box
Shape amplification, add new design integration aim at frame, so the appearance of Comp M4 have greater change.