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Ingredients: Quercus Infectoria, Piper Betle L, and Pueraria Mirifica.
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Aimey Virgin Gel - Vaginal Tightening Gel (30g/pc)
Aimey Virgin Gel is formulated with the latest technology using proven herbal extracts since generations and clinically for treatment of female intimate.
Complete treatment Aimey Virgin Gel is enriched with herbal extracts such as special recipes Sireh Manjakani and alluring scent of Pueraria Mirifica and able to provide immediate changes to use the first time! Aimey Virgin Gel is easy sweep products, non-greasy, non-irritating. Everything is natural. try it! Make Aimey Virgin Gel as your faithful friend ..
Studies show herbal extract has natural antiseptic properties that are not found in most synthetic materials for the same purpose. In addition, the herbal extract is also able to provide long-lasting energy and comprehensive results.

• loose vagina (due to child birth / more children).
• discharge.
• Lack of grip during sexual intercourse.
• Lack of sexual desire.
• Dry and irritated during sexual intercourse.
• The smell and slimy confidential excessively.
• Itching in the private area.
• Vagina sagging, wrinkled and dark.
If you experience one or more of the above problems, do not be angry and do not wait long, use Aimey Virgin Gel to make the memory of the first night's dreams are achieved ...

• blended with herbal extracts such as Manjakani Pueraria Mirifica and Sireh.
• Tighten the muscles and narrow the vagina.
• Addressing the problem of whiteness.
• Reduce excessive mucus.
• To eliminate unpleasant odor.
• Kills germs cause irritation and odor.
• lighten and whiten the private parts.
• Stress and reduce slack in the private parts.
• Maintaining the pH balance in the vagina.
• To stimulate sex hormones.
• Improve and strengthen the system of gripping and grip.
• Be lubricating and moisturizing dry areas during sexual intercourse.
• As an astringent and anti-oxidants.
• Repair loose tissue and dull.
• Build self-confidence and improve satisfaction.

Clean and dry the area of ​​private parts, pinch of 1 cm gel on the tip of your index finger, put it in a convenient hard / vaginal route (approximately 3 cm finger into the vaginal route), the excess gel that attaches the last fingertips, rub it around private parts and clit. Use 10 minutes before having intercourse.

During confinement:

Use after childbirth blood had dried.

Not married / unmarried girl:

For a white problem, a little pinch of this gel on fingers, rub around the outside of the vaginal cavity only. For rashes and itching problem, apply the vicinity. For external use only.

(Use it once, every night before bed only)

For optimal effectiveness, apply every night before bed to get the desired results. No need to rinse.

- The impact of tightening: 3-14 days.

- Effect eliminate whiteness: 5-14 days.

- The effect is bright: 14-30 days.

- Rash / itch: 5-14 days.

Use consistently until we get the desired result.

(Responsiveness and effectiveness is different in each individual)


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