Item Description
Aftermath with William Shatner takes viewers back to
dramatic events that shocked the world. Subjects of the series
The Unabomber,
Randy Weaver,
Jessica Lynch and
Bernhard Goetz.
A lot of shows promise “a new spin,” but when you
add William Shatner into the mix, it’s actually true. Among
the new shows announced by BIO Channel today:
Shatner’s Aftermath. In each episode, he’ll
take us back to dramatic events that “riveted the
nation” and speak with the newsmakers themselves and/or their
family members, using his “sharp intellect and sense of
humor” to find out what their lives have been like since
they made headlines. The subjects of the six one-hour episodes:
Jessica Lynch, The DC Sniper Victims, The Unabomber, Bernhard
Goetz, Mary Kay Letourneau, and the Weaver Family of Ruby Ridge.
(BIO tells me we won’t be seeing Shatner conduct a prison
interview with the Unabomber. I’m oddly disappointed. I also
doubt that we’ll see him in any of the reenactments
we’ll be treated to, but I prefer to live in a world where
that is a possibility, so I purposely did not ask.)
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