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~ Candles ~ Candy ~ Chocolates ~  Fondant ~
~ Plaster Paris~Soap ~ Wax~ Lollipops ~ Resin
~Cake Toppers ~ Crayons ~Game Pieces ~Sugar Molds
~Beads ~ Pendants ~Buttons ~ Magnets ~ Ornaments
~ Embellishments~ Home Decor ~ Clay ~and More
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This Auction is for 
 African Mask
What You Will
1 Handmade Flexible 
Silicone Molds 
Email me with your choice) 
Approx. Size - 1'' inch tall 
(25 mm) 
Approx. Cavity Depth - 
1-5 mm deep 
Molds can be used  to 
Make special
chocolate chips 
for cookies 
Accents for
Make Edible Cake
can also be used
with plaster paris, 
soap, fondant, wax, chocolate, 
candy, some resins, sugar molds, 
wilton frosting, much more 
Please Carefully Read and
to my terms shown below 
before buying. 
How to
(for most Plaster Paris, Soaps, Candy, Chocolates,
Resin, Lollipops) 
1.  Place the silicone
mold in a bowl of rice 
(level the mold) 
2. Pour the prepared liquid
in the molds 
(prepared liquid= melted soap, mixed plaster, 
cooked candy, etc.) 
3. Let cool/solidify (Option-
place in the refrigerator) 
4. Remove the item from the
Can I bake with this mold? 
    Molds can
be baked up to 350 degrees F . 
How do I
Clean the Molds? 
    Molds can
be cleaned with soapy water. 
Are the
Molds Reusable? 
    It depends
on what material you are using. 
Yes it is re-usable for most items such as 
plaster paris, candy, resin,
soaps, and more. 
Do I need
a release agent? 
depends on what material you are using. 
No you do not need a release
agent for most items. 
Combine shipping- please send me a
total before the items are paid
Return policy 
All sales are final!!!! 
No returns unless the wrong item
was shipped. 
 No refunds unless the item
lost in the mail and there is no
proof of shipping 
(exp. signature
confirmation,delivery confirmation, etc.). 
Contact must be made withing 48
hours of receiving 
the item/s in the mail.
Replacement of an item is at the
seller's discretion.
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