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Does it seem like a girl likes you but then she won't give you her phone number?

Have you ever had a girl not text or call you back like she said she would?

Ever wonder why things didn’t go past that first date even though it seemed great?

Ever made you heartsick that she has more time for her friends than for you?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then you’ve just stumbled onto an information goldmine because I’m about to explain the answers to these questions in spades and show you exactly how to make her want to spend more time with you than with anyone or anything else!
My brand new Comfort Building Program is different. It’s not primarily about sexual attraction. It’s about how to get people to like you. I’ve never covered this so intensively before. This is really the key to keeping someone attracted to you for the long term.
Learn about this additional layer of understanding so that when she’s not having sex with you she wants to do other things with you… she wants to be with you… spend time with you…
She wants you to come with her when she’s going out with her friends and having fun, bring you home and cook dinner for you, share some of her hobbies and fun places with you… bring you deeply into her whole life…
Not only will you have a blast with her, the more fun she has with you the more she’s going to want to continue to extend that fun into the bedroom…
And when you wake up that next morning… she’ll want to have breakfast with you… or meet you at work for lunch… or perhaps more seriously, introduce you to her parents…
The ability to get people to like you actually has an even broader scope than attraction itself:
You can use this skill to make new friends
To network for your business
Use it to start a relationship
Use it to make sure you get in good with her family, her circle of best friends, and so on.
You’d be amazed how often having her friends stick up for you can play a big part in helping to fix up your relationship when you’re having friction.