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Watch E! shine the spotlight on Adam Lambert and premiere a "True Hollywood Story" dedicated to the singer's life. In the episode, Lambert will candidly discuss his rise to fame, his relationship with his family and his reaction to coming in second during the ninth season of "American Idol." Lambert's parents are also interviewed on the show. "I'm very fortunate to have parents that recognized that I was different and recognized how I was special," the "If I Had You" singer tells "THS." "They didn't ever try to box me in." He also admits that he sowed his wild oats while working on cruise ships and performing in musical theater groups in Europe. "I was exploring my sexuality a lot more aggressively," he says. "I was living a rock star lifestyle. I tried a lot of things — it was a big eye-opener for me." Much like his family, Lambert's loyal fanbase has always been completely accepting of him. "My fans have been really supportive of my choice to be open and upfront about my sexuality and my lifestyle," he said. "I have come from the belief that hiding something from people and manipulating what they think of you is far more offensive and disrespectful than just being upfront and being who you are."