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FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL CANADA AND USATHIS LISTING IS FOR     1 PAIR EAR MAGNET ACUPRESSURE FOR STOP QUIT SMOKING AND WEIGHT LOSS CONTROL , IN PLASTIC BAG WITH INSTRUCTION   INDIVIDUAL RESULT MAY VARY AND NO GUARANTEE OF EFFECTIVENESS IS MADE WITH THIS MAGNET EARNo Needles, Pills or Patches. Nothing Else to BUY No REFILLS!!    Magnets have been touted as a medical therapy for several thousand years. Ancient Hindu teachings from 2000 B.C. tout the therapeutic use of magnets as did the ancient Athenian philosopher Aristotle.    How this is possible is that when pressure is applied to certain parts of the body, the brain responds to it in some way. It just so happens that when a slight amount of pressure is applied to  ear lobe, neurotransmitters in the brain are activated that helps for stop smoking and weight loss. This concept is very similar to that used with acupuncture but is acupressure but you do not have to have needles stuck into your body.     In fact, the quit smoking and weight loss ear magnets are so small they look like small earrings, which means no one has to know that you are wearing magnets to quit smoking or weight loss if you don't want them to. On the other hand, you can tell your friends and show them your hypoallergenic quit smoking ear magnets, especially if they are trying to stop smoking themselves. However, it is best to use the quit smoking or weight loss  ear magnets at home in the evenings during calm periods such as the time between supper and bedtime.As for the success rate of ear magnet, it is quite phenomenal in many ways. Approximately 80% of those who have used ear magnet have stopped smoking or weight loss. Considering that smoking can reduce the smoker's life by 12 years, ear magnet is a relatively small investment and you can purchase it for yourself or for a loved one.    YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR CLOSE FRIENDS TO LOSE WEIGHT OR STOP SMOKING . THIS IS AN OLD CHINESE METHOD USING ACCUPRESURE RATHER THAN ACCUPUNCTURE.   IT IS CALLED THE SHEN MEN. USING HIGH GAUSS MAGNETS ON CERTAIN PRESSURE POINTS ON THE EAR   24K GOLD PLATED MAGNETS.   NICOTINE affects brain receptors that release Dopamine and that affects addiction and pleasure. A reduction in dopamine may be the culprit leading to miserable withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and anger.     THIS MAGNET IS NOT RECOMMANDED FOR PEOPLE WITH MEDICAL IMPLANT SUCH PACEMAKER, INSULIN PUMP, DEFIBRILATOR OR IF YOU ARE PREGNANT AND HEEP THIS MAGNET AWAY FROM ELECTRONIC, ELECTRICAL AND MAGNETIC DEVICE BECAUSE IS AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS MAGNET.      THANK FOR LOOKING. IF YOU LIKE THIS ITEM, LOOK MY OTHER ITEMS AS I AM SURE YOU WILL THINGS INTEREST TO YOU. CHECK MY OTHER ITEMS LIST OR GO AT MY EBAY STORE FOR LOT ITEMS LISTINGS AT BUY IT NOW. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, I WILL DO MY BEST TO ANSWER THEM AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.SHIPPING SHIPPING AND HANDLING TO CANADA $FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING TO UNITED STATE $FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING TO INTERNATIONAL $6.00US  UNITED STATE AND INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER ARE RESPONSABLE FOR DUTY AND TAXE ITEMS SHIPPED WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAYS OF CLEARED PAYMENT.  I SHIP WORLDWIDE. U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ALLOW SUFFICIENT ENOUGH TIME FOR YOUR PURCHASE TO REACH YOU. U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL IS USUALLY 2 - 3 WEEKS WITH THE BORDER INSPECTIONS BEING WHAT THEY ARE TODAY.