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Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man When it comes to getting
serious relationship counseling, asking popular comedian Steve
Harvey for advice may seem odd. But Harvey, who is also known as
one of the original "Kings of Comedy," dishes out no holds barred
advice as he partners with relationship expert Denene Millner to
give women the 411 on what they need to know, and understand about
the men in their lives. In his new book, Harvey and Millner give
women with direct, and often comical, tips in dealing with their
male counterparts. About Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man , by
Steve Harvey Taken from his many years of experience as host on the
popular syndicated radio show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show,
Harvey imparts some of his knowledge on the subject and has turned
it into an easy-to-read, conversational book. Instead of
approaching the topic of relationships from a self-help point of
view, Harvey gives women advice about men in a friendly, open
manner. Broken down into fifteen chapters, the book explores many
of the situations women will find themselves in on their journey to
a long-term, productive relationship. Women get advice on how to
deal with a "mama's boys," marriage, and, the correct time to
introduce men to the children in their life. Harvey also take an
honest approach to the art of dating, and exposes the viewpoints of
most men with unashamed directness. Act Like A Lady, Think Like A
Man is controversial, and witty at the same time. An enjoyable
read, based on stories to which many women can surely relate. Buy
the Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man and discover Steve Harvey's
wit on a whole new level. This is an ebook and send to you via
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