Item Description

• Professional Acrylic Powder Kit with nail tips, Pliers, nail brush & brush holder.
• Ideal for the professional nail artist and the beginner expecting real results
• Brush holder: Ø6.8 x 11.2 cm
• Nail’s form: 6 x 4.2 cm
Strange polisher: 7.8 x 2 x 0.2 cm
• The false nail is a gift, not for making acrylic nail.
• Brand New!!

How to use?

This item used to make crystal nails. It doesn't require any machine such
as the UV Lamp and so on.
How to use it?
-Use the Nail setting to hold your hand and then put the Nail guide
stickers on your nails.
-Fill the Acrylic liquid to the glass dish.
-Use the Acrylic nail art brush to bedew little Acrylic liquid in the dish
and then bedew the Acrylic powder to spread the Nail guide stickers
backward, along the edge of Nail guide stickers .Repeat this step several
-Rub the Nail stickers with the grey Buffering block.
-Rub the Nail stickers with the white Buffering block.


Nail Glitter wheel x 1
Color powder x 3 (pink, white, clear)
Nail glue x 2
Square polisher x 1
False nail set x 1
Nail Brush x 3
Nail’s form x 20
Straight polisher x 1
Pliers x 1
Mixing container x 1
Container x 1
Brush holder x 1
Nail polish & acrylic remover x 1
Acrylic liquid x 1
Acrylic color power x12