Item Description
This is a full size acrylic display case (42 x 15 x 4.5) that
comes ready to hang on your wall! Listen, getting an autographed
guitar is all fine and well, but if you don't protect your
investment you may end up seeing your signatures smudged or guitar
dinged up rendering it serverly devalued. Protect your investment!
Autographs only go up, UNLESS you damage them. People go to the
frame stores and spend more than the cost of this case, and let me
tell you, a fine looking guitar in a case like this will display on
any wall, in any location. This is the ultimate guitar showpiece
accessory. This acrylic case will house a 39 inch electric guitar
and has a spot to put the Certificate Of Authenticity or a 4X6
photo which would be a great spot to put the photo of the star
signing! Don't even think twice, this is a no brainer. If you
purchased one of our guitars, email us for a discount.
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