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Absolutely Fabulous


Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone are two immature, chain-smoking, alcoholic, prosperous but preposterous substance-abusing fashion and fad-obsessed Londoners who value fame and style over substance. Saffron, Edina's disapproving adolescent daughter, provides the persistently dour voice of Edina and Patsy's super ego. Edina and Saffy live in a house in Holland's Park (although most who visit the house describe it as Shepherd's Bush much to Eddy's annoyance), with Patsy spending most of her time there as well. Saffy acts as a carer to some degree to Eddy, who appears incapable of performing any domestic tasks.

The programme circles around Eddy's ongoing struggle to achieve fame, success and a slender figure amidst the disapproval of her daughter and the constant presence of her increasingly senile mother. Throughout, Patsy is at her side encouraging the behaviours that are constantly causing her conflict. Edina and Patsy's frequent intoxicated behaviour provides much of the comedy, and they can be seen stumbling and collapsing drunk on occasion. The mutual loathing between Saffy and Patsy, as each tries to guide Edina's behaviour, also makes for many comic situations.

Saffy sees Patsy as a bad influence on her mother, and sees her behaviour as restricting her mother's freedom, such as Patsy's refusal to allow Eddy to have a boyfriend. Saffy often tries to encourage her mother to see men.


  You will receive 7 DVDs , spanning the complete 5 season run

(1992-1996 and 2001-2003)


You will also receive 2 DVDs of specials that include:

"The New York Special", "White Box",  "The Last Shout", and "Cold Turkey"

  Video quality is a  9-9.5 out of 10
The DVDs are commercial free and come with menus and scene selection!

The series aired a total of 31 episodes. The episodes are as followed. 
Season 1 (1992)
1. Fashion
2. Fat
3. France
4. ISO Tank
5. Birthday
6. Magazine

 Season 2  (1994)

1. Hospital

2. Death

3. Morocco

4. New Best Friend

5. Poor

6. Birth

Season 3  (1995-96)

1. Doorhandle

2. Happy New Year

3. Sex

4. Jealous

5. Fear

6. The End

Season 4  (2001-02)

1. Parralox

2. Fish Farm

3. Paris

4. Donkey

5. Small Opening

6. Menopause

Season 5  (2003)

1. Cleanin'

2. Book Clubbin'

3. Panickin'

4. Huntin' Shootin' & Fishin'

5. Birthin'

6. Schmoozin'

7. Exploitin'



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