Item Description
Today, the Old School Rassling Specialist has for you 2
great discs of classic, rare matches, interviews, music videos and
angles featuring footage from the wild, wild ring careers of
Abdullah the Butcher and the late Bruiser Brody!  Features
plenty of wild Abdullah and Brody footage from around the
Over 9 hours of classic, untamed
Abdullah the Butcher and Bruiser Brody! Quality is very good or
better throughout. In sleeve, no art. No WWE material. Accept
payment thru Paypal or money order.  Inquire about shipping
rates to other countries. Why not make me an offer on this set?
Set includes:
Abdullah the Butcher:
Classic Matches - He used a knife! He used a fork! He bit
his opponents! He ate raw chicken! Abdullah wrestled in almost
every US territory and in Japan and Puerto Rico. See some of the
roughest, bloodiest action from his long career on this DVD. Action
from mostly Japan and Puerto Rico with Abby facing off against
Carlos Colon, the Funks and many more!
6 hours of classic, bloody,
downright crazy Abdullah the Butcher!
Includes: Abby
vs. Terry Funk in Japan! Abby vs. Dory Funk Jr. in Japan! Abby vs.
Stan Hansen in Japan! Abby vs. TNT (Puerto Rico)! Abby vs. Carlos
Colon (3 matches, Puerto Rico)! Abby vs. Andre the Giant (Puerto
Rico)! Abby vs. Dutch Mantell (Puerto Rico)! Abby vs. Manny
Fernandez and much more!
Also includes two lengthy shoot
interviews with Abdullah, clips from his famous rivalries  and
a visit to his restaurant! Hear the Butcher speak after all these
Bruiser Brody - Classic
Matches - Everybody's favorite madman in matches from the
U.S., Japan and other locations! See the Brody tear his way through
the competition and tangle with some true greats including Antonio
Inoki, Abdullah, the Funks and more! 3 hours of classic Bruise!
Includes: Brody vs. Terry Funk
bloodbath (Japan), Brody vs. Abdullah cage match , Brody &
Jimmy Snuka vs. Dory & Terry Funk (Japan), Stan Hansen, Snuka
& Brody brawl with Baba, Funks (Japan), Brody promo on Ric
Flair (St. Louis)
, Brody vs. Kamala (Central States), Brody &
Hansen vs. Giant Baba & Dory Funk Jr. (Japan), Brody &
Snuka vs. Funk & Choshu (Japan), Brody, Keith Hart & Jeff
McGruder vs. The Sheik, Mark Lewin & Kamalamala - Wild Barbed
wire match – (Hawaii), Brody vs. Baba (Japan), Brody vs. Jeep
Swenson brawl, Brody vs. Antonio Inoki (Hawaii), Red River Jack
(Brody in mask) & Spike Huber vs. Eli & Abdullah, Brody vs.
Gary Hart, Brody & Snuka vs. The Funks (Japan)