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English subtitled version of Catherine Breillat's bizarre coming-of-age directorial debut.

"Crude, unpolished, yet curiously dreamy, A REAL YOUNG GIRL looks and sounds like the product of an era at once angrier and more innocent than our own. Which it is: the film was completed in 1976 and never released, apparently because it was too raw for the mainstream and too strange for the pornography market. A REAL YOUNG GIRL is a strange hybrid. It has some of the gauzy, arty, breathlessness of '70s soft-core artsploitation like David Hamilton's BILITIS (for which Breillat wrote the screenplay). The movie has an almost tactile stickiness, an obsession with flypaper, dripping candle wax, suntan lotion and various body fluids. It attempts to fuse the realism of Colette with the visionary filth of Georges Bataille. A typical montage moves from Alice's father's genitals to an autoerotic moment at the railroad tracks to the slaughter and disembowelment of a chicken."

NTSC region free

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