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                  You are purchasing 1 bottle of A PEEL CORRECT  in PUMP DISPENSER = Nt. Wt. 1 oz   

                              A Peel is a very potent retinoic acid peel preserved in a pure botanical absorbing compound.This should never be the peel you start with. It is much too potent. This is for my seasoned clients who have completed Latte and/complex and need a deep refining work done to finish their results! Perfect Complexion Skin Care is not like any other home made products sold as they are of a professional standard and high grade. These products cause excessive peeling to acheive fast and remarkable results. A skin reaction is normal and expected and can be a bit uncomfortable is caution is not taken. We suggest following guidelines and doing small areas and spots and never subjecting your skin to a full face application,. Best results are acheived in small controlled doses which eliminates any discomfort (some itching can occur during new skin regrowth). Not for body use,.not for neck or any parts of the eye or lip or areas that are not of the face.




APEEL CORRECT is the strongest retinoic liposome peel in this line. This procedure is done in many salons and even has been hailed as the NEW GREEN PEEL (1 application=$600) that is very sought after in SWITZERLAND'S esthetic community. The results of this product are short of miraculous and with every application or maintenance treatment the skin will become tighter and smoother. There is no 'DOWN TIME' associated with this product if the user follows the directions explicitly.

 Overuse or misuse will cause excessive peeling, which can result in down time. It is recommended that you follow the guidelines using very little of the APEEL CORRECT to devise your own application regimen. Everyone's thickness and level of cellular damage is not the same.

You WILL see results with all of the APEEL products and the secret to success is to use the least amount of product possible. Skin types that should use this are sun damaged, aging and fine lines, hyper pigmented and scarring. Acne should be in remission.
This compound base has been used by plastic surgeons for years. Even RET-A formulated a version of retinoic acid for many skin conditions from AGING to ACNE. The FDA has only ever deemed ONE topical product as a VERIFIED anti aging compound and that product is retinoic acid.


As with ALL skincare programs, you should consult with your dermatologist before beginning any new regimin.


Julie Recommends this product for:

  • All skin types

  • All skin conditions

  • Acne skin

  • Aging skin

  • Hormonal skin

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