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A Muppet Family Christmas first aired on ABC on December 16th, 1987.
In this Christmas special , Fozzie Bear surprises his mother Emily on Christmas Eve by bringing the entire Muppet gang to her farm to celebrate the holidays. Doc and his dog Sprocket, who had planned a quiet Christmas, end up joining the Muppets in their holiday activities and preparations.
The Sesame Street regulars, including Big Bird, Bert, Ernie and others, join the festivities, but to Kermit's dismay, the only one is missing is Miss Piggy, who has been caught in a snowstorm.
Highlights include the following:
* Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem play a jazz version of "Jingle Bell Rock."
* Fozzie and a Snowman sing "Sleigh Ride."
* The Muppets watch a home movie of their first Christmas together as the Muppet Babies.
* Bert and Ernie rehearse for the Sesame Street Pageant, "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."
* The Swedish Chef, who has been waiting for the perfect bird to serve for Christmas dinner, meets Big Bird in the kitchen, and the two sing "The Christmas Song".
* Kermit and his nephew Robin visit the Fraggles, who sing a song, "Pass It On," about their tradition of giving.
* When Miss Piggy finally arrives, she and Kermit lead the Muppets in a medley of Christmas songs.
* Doc dresses as Santa Claus and gives out presents
* Jim Henson makes a cameo appearance at the end of the program, washing the dishes with Sprocket.
This is the full complete version of A Muppet Family Christmas which runs around 47 minutes.
This is a DVD+/-R and does not include artwork. Artwork can be obtained online.
It will be shipped in a plastic or paper sleeve.
The screen shots and the clip are taken directly from the movie.
There are no commercials in this copy. 


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