Item Description
run time: 98 mins. USA. Color.
directed by: David Lowell Rich
A Family Upside Down stars Fred Astaire and Helen Hayes as
a retired married couple. Always proud of his independence and
resilience, Astaire suffers a sudden heart attack. Though he
recovers, Hayes is unable to care for Astaire herself, so she and
her husband are compelled to move in with son Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
and daughter-in-law Pat Crowley. Astaire's heart problems persist,
and the family must face the unpleasant alternative of placing him
in a nursing home. Though
A Family Upside Down threatens to become an uninterrupted
wallow in misery, the film takes several unexpected twists and
arrives at a reasonably upbeat conclusion.
A Family Upside Down co-stars Patty Duke Astin as Astaire
and Hayes' emotionally overwrought daughter. The made-for-TV film,
which won Fred Astaire the last of his many Emmy awards, originally
aired April 9, 1978.
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