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A Christmas Carol
December 24th, 1931
Live Radio Broadcast CD
From Great Britain
This is a rare Live Radio Broadcast of A Christmas Carol from Great Britain from 1931.  This Radio Broadcast is from the most early days of radio where the performers were performing live in the studio. This Live 1931 Radio Broadcast Version is even more rare then the Orson Welles 1939 Version. (Please see my other ebay auctions.)
Also this version is a little different then all the others. In this Version you hear the Ghost Of Christmas Future speak to Scrooge amongst a few other little things that different from the Christmas Carols you may have heard in the past. I believe that it follows the book a little more closely.
This Version is from 1931 so you hear some scratches and pops but the sound quality is good considering that it is from 1931.
This is the first performance of a Christmas Carol ever performed over the radio.
This Version Of A Christmas Carol Will Have The Imagination Of You And Your Family Mesmerized With The Sounds And Spirit Of Christmas From Long Ago.
Picture yourself in front of the fire gathered around the radio listening to a Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve.

This Radio Broadcast is rare and is hard to come by.
This is the original broadcast of a Christmas Carol from 1931 put on CD that can be played on any player, Car, Computer, Stereo etc. Anywhere.
This is one of the most popular Radio Broad Casts in History and is extremely Rare to obtain.



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