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zero smoke,smoke,odors,unscented,smoke odor


odor,smoke,unscented,smoke odor,odors


         Never smell like smoke again!


Zero smoke is the number one smoke odor elininator.

It is not perfume based or an odor blocker it is an unscented odor eliminator of toxic smoke carcingins left behind on clothing, hair and upholstery. take it with you everywhere including your home, auto, friends homes, bar, camping, office, fishing and more.

Your order will consist of 1 bottle of Zero Smoke. See my other listings on Ebay for our store displays.


  • Ultra fine mist that works instantly
  • Safe for clothing, hair and fabrics
  • Eliminates food odors too
  • Great for car interiors
  • Leak proof container
  • Non-staining and unscented
  • Carry in pocket or purse

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