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Here is a list of all the tapes you'll get. Hundreds of jobber squashes in this enormous collection. This is all I have left so move FAST! :-)

46 amazing , one of a kind wrestler compilations in all!  YOU GET AN INSTANT COLLECTION with hundreds and hundreds of matches.  Many of them jobber squashes!

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Happy to answer any and all questions. THANKS!

1. Best of Shawn Stasiak/Meat
2. Best of Rick Rude
3. Best of Scott Hall/Diamond Studd
4. Brutal Jobber Squashes Volume 3
5. Brutal Jobber Squashes Volume 2
6. Best of Mark Jindrak/Reflection of Perfection
7. Best of Buzz Sawyer
8. Best of Brad Armstrong
9. Best of Johnny the Bull Stamboli
10. Best of Nike Enos and the Beverly Brothers
11. Best of Arn Anderson 1
12. Best of Chavo Guerrero
13. Best of Jamie Noble
14. Best of Arn Anderson 3
15. Best of Arn Anderson 6
16. Best of Alex Porteau
17. Best of Jim Powers
18. Best of Paul Orndorff
19. Best of Stunning Steve Austin
20. Best of Eddie Jackie
21. Best of Shane Douglas
22. Best of Dino Bravo
23. Best of Wrestling Jobbers and Pretty Boys
24. Best of Vince Torelli/Ken Shamrock
25. Best of Alex Wright 1
26. Best of Alex Wright 2
27. Best of Alex Porteau 2
28. Best of Dustin Rhodes and Chuck Polumbo
29. Best of Triple H/Jean Paul Levesque
30. Best of Steven Dane
31. Best of Goldberg, Disco Inferno, Batista and Chris Masters
32. Best of Tommy Angel
33. Best of jobber humiliations 1
34. Best of Christopher Nowinski
35. Best of Barry Windham and Kendall Windham
36. Best of Matt Borne
37. Best of Val Venis
38. Best of Chuck Polumbo 2
39. Best of Jim the Anvil Neidhart
40. Best of Mike Sanders

41. Best of Fit Finley

42. Best of Matt Stryker

43.  Best of Butch Reed

44.  Best of Tom Zenk

45.  Best of the Mountie

46.  Best of Ludvig Borga