Item Description


  Silverplate Silver Teapot Tea Coffee Server Set


Consists of five pieces

Sorry, I don't have the tray, but believe you could use any silverplate tray.

Do not know the pattern or how old it is.

Has a ribbed ribbon, best I can describe it, around each piece and the pieces that have handles have a couple of flowers and leaves on each side of handles.

All set up on four feet and are adorned with a bead like affect around the top of each foot.

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Teapot   I find one pin point ping. A cluster of about six scratches. The largest is approximately one eighth inch. All the rest are smaller. Some surface scratches. All these are very hard to see. You have to pick it up and give it a very close once over, which is exactly what I am doing. This piece also has flowers and leaves, on both sides, base of the spout. Marked on the bottom Wm Rogers surrounded with the eagle and star.

Sugar Bowl Lid   This piece is in good shape. One one sixteenth inch scratch. Light surface scratches. Marked on the bottom Wm. Rogers surrounded with the eagle and star.

Cream Pitcher  I find two small dents in this piece. The largest being approximately one quarter inch. One small scratch. Light surface scratches. A very little nick in lip of pitcher. Marked on the bottom Wm. Rogers surrounded with the eagle and star and number 704.

Bowl  This bowl is in good shape. Light surface scratches. Bowl stands approximately 3.5 inches high, 4.25 inches across. Marked on the bottom Wm. Rogers surrounded by the eagle and star plus number 705.

Remember these are vintage pieces and signs of wear are to be expected. With a real good cleaning most scratches will be hard to see when displayed.