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Vintage Antique Burslem China MidwinterCollector Plate




Vintage Antique Burslem China MidwinterCollector Plate

Burslem China is one of the oldest makers of fine bone China in the world.  I can not find the exact age of this piece but the Burslem midwinter series started in 1910

Outter border is cream colored with 8 baskets filled with fruit and 4 wheat stems

Inside of plate is white with floral arrangement in the center

Back of plate says Midwinter Porcelon Burslem England, Made in England 

I found it interesting they purposely misspelled the word porcelain on the back of their china ( porcelon) to draw attention.  See Last Paragraph of facts below:

Facts about china from  Burslem, England:



In the beginning, there were six towns famous in the ceramic industry in the Staffordshire England area, which included Burslem, Fenton, Hanley, Longton, Stoke-upon-Trent and Tunstall. In 1910, the towns were combined into one to be known as Stoke-on-Tent. This unique town became known as the Potteries. Today, Stoke-on-Tent is considered to be the birthplace of bone china. Today, many fine china dinnerware pieces are created here and several of the antiques ones are sought after by collectors around the world.

1910 - This particular pattern was made by WR Midwinter Ltd., which operates the Albion and Hadderidge Potteries in Burslem, Staffordshire, England. The firm went into business in 1910, and is reportedly still in business as part of the prestigious Wedgwood Group. This particular platter was made by WR Midwinter Ltd., which operates the Albion and Hadderidge Potteries in Burslem, Staffordshire, England. The firm went into business in 1910, and is reportedly still in business as part of the prestigious Wedgwood Group. Midwinter made earthenware, and often marked products "porcelon" (a misspelling of porcelain) to draw attention to their business. 

This piece has one small chip on the back side of the plate.  It does not show on the front.  There is one burr on the plate, it is not a chip.  Front of plate is perfect.  You can tell it is very old because of the crackle look under the glaze.


I found other similar pieces of Burslem Midwinter China on the internet priced for between $50 to $150 USD.

I'm not a dealer nor an expert in antiques.  I found this piece at an antique shop and did the research you see in this listing.  It took me about 3 days to fully research Burslen Porcelain, put this all together and present it to you as accurately as possible.   I hope you like what you see and will bid accordingly.

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Burslem - whose ancient name means 'Burgweard's Elms' was incorporated in June 1878.
Although not the first of the six towns to be incorporated. Burslem was the largest town in the Potteries for many of the early years and the first to develop with the onset of the industrial Revolution. So it become known as 'The Mother Town of the Potteries'.

Arnold Bennett referred to Burslem as Bursley in his novels centred on the Potteries towns.