Item Description

Every episode of the late 70s early 80s television show Vegas staring Robert Urich. 15 DVDs! Menus to select episodes.
This set does not include case or artwork.  If you'd like that please see my other item with case and artwork for $20.99
Shipping within the US $5.00, Canada $7 and outside the US $10.00.  I accept check, money order and paypal.
You will get these episodes.
You will receive all these episodes:
High Roller
The Games Girls Play
Mother Mishkin
Love, Laugh and Die
Yes, My Darling Daughter
Lady Ice
Milliken's Stash
The Pageant
Lost Women
Second Stanza
Serve, Volley and Kill
Ghost of the Ripper
The Eleventh Event
Kill Dan Tanna!
Death Mountain
Best Friends
Demand and Supply
Everything I Touch
Doubtful Target
Touch of Death
A Way to Live
The Visitor
The Usurper
Mixed Blessing
Design for Death
Shadow on a Star
Dan Tanna Is Dead
The Macho Murders
The Day the Gambling Stopped
Classic Connection
Night of a Thousand Eyes
Lost Monday
All Kinds of Love
The Magic Sister Slayings
The Lido Girls
The Hunter Hunted
The Golden Gate Cop Killer (1)
The Golden Gate Cop Killer (2)
Aloha, You're Dead (1)
Aloha, You're Dead (2)
The Black Cat Killer
Sudden Death
Love Affair
A Deadly Victim
Deadly Blessing
Christmas Story
The Andreas Addiction
Sourdough Suite
Murder by Mirrors
No Way to Treat a Victim
Time Bomb
Out of Sight
Set Up
The Killing
Seek and Destroy
Dead Ringer
French Twist
Nightmare Come True
Judgement Pronounced