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Highlights and Alternative Segments Include:

Story VS Performance - The 1993 Director’s
Cut of Anthology focused primarily on the Beatles story, using
performance footage only to enhance the story. The final version
would remove much of the story and details to include as much TV
and concert footage as possible. At the time this appeared to be
the best approach, but in retrospect opinions may chance after
hearing the uncut interviews; this was after all their one change
to tell their story. Collectors have countless sources for the TV
and concert footage, but only one option to hear their story as
done for the Anthology series, until now that is!

Uncensored Version- comparisons between the two
versions of Anthology clearly show heavy editing. An entire
sequence regarding Yoko Ono and her effects on the band has been
cut-down to almost nothing; only on the 1993 version will you hear
unedited and sometimes unflattering comments. Many interviews did
not even make it to the Anthology book. One example is George
commenting on the positive experiences he had with drugs, including
the famous dentist real name! The 1993 director’s cut also
includes the original extended sequence on George’s
songwriting later trimmed at George’s request. It becomes
obvious by program 1 what you are seeing is what the director and
production team assembled and presented to the band before they
made numerous change request.

Program Beginnings- Each program begins with an
unused animated sequence in place of the Help! Introduction.

In My Life Opening Montage- Programs 1-4 use
this song montage with the commercial version using it only to
start program 1. The early montage contains different shots from
the final version including Allen Klein.

Flashback Montage- An early idea was to begin
each program (beginning with program 2) with a flashback montage
covering important material seen in the previous program, this
worked well for the first few programs, but unfortunately took too
much time, Beginning with program 4, the flashbacks only went as
far back as the previous program

While My Guitar Gently Weeps Montage- Ideas
about the montage were changing by program 5, and no song montage
was used for this program. For program 6, a different approach/song
was used, and for the first time it was flash forward montage,
using much footage not seen elsewhere in the program. Programs 7-8
drop the montage idea entirely

Quality Of Archival Footage- At this early
stage, Apple had to use what footage it had available with quality
varying from poor to ex. Some of early TV appearances and newsreels
are obviously taken from VHS screening tapes, and many include
time-code. Some scenes contain the text “Temporary
Picture” All of the new interviews and Apple owned material,
including footage taken directly from the original cut of
“The Long And Winding Road” look great and contains no
time code. It is quite interesting to see what Apple’s film
archives looked like in 1993. In 1995 Anthology producer Chips
Chipperfield hinted at what this early version might look like when
asked why they could not just use the original 10-hour version for
the home video release “We can but that’s off-line.
Off-line is a rough cut. It’s cut from whatever archive
sources we have so a lot of it is VHS

Unused McCartney Interview- Programs 1&2
include an unused interview with Paul. This was the first interview
shot and used before finally being replaced with a re-recorded Paul
in black turtleneck With this first interview being re-shot, the
stories vary from the final release

Partially Unused Harrison Interview- For most of
Programs 1&2, the only Harrison interview used is the control
room interview with George sporting a moustache. More than ½
of this interview was later removed and replaced with a re-recorded
clean-shaven George. With much of this first interview going
unused, the stories vary from the final version

Unused Neil Aspinall Interviews- For most of the
first two programs, we see Neil’s first interview sessions
wearing no hat, the stories heard vary from the commercial

Derek Taylor- Derek has a larger role in the
early version of Anthology, and is featured in numerous unseen

Program Endings- An early idea was to end each
program with a sequence showing the progression the band was
making. Examples would be an overhead view showing the move from
Liverpool to London, or the move from London to the US.

Audio Outtakes- It is important to note that the
1993 Anthology uses very little studio outtake recordings. There
are no created studio sequences of audio outtakes. We don’t
hear any real audio outtakes until the 68 studio sessions, as the
audio outtakes were still being examined at this early stage of
production and were not made available to the production team just
yet. But… we do get to hear the unused “Hums”
ending for “A Day In The Life” along with part of take 4!

Early/Abandoned Ideas- The 1993 Anthology uses
many ideas later modified or dropped entirely. The recreations of
fans rooms differ greatly; TV and tour montages were created then
later dropped. An early idea was to show the move from Liverpool to
Abbey Road studios, done by filming an entire trip-sequence taking
you from Liverpool and ending at George Martin’s door in
Abbey Road Studios. Other early ideas put Paul in the film
“The Girl Can’t Help It” Various other unused
segments appear throughout the entire eight programs

No Closing Credits- At this early stage, none of
the eight programs contain closing credits

1993 Ending- At this early stage, the
documentary ends with the “Let It Be” sessions and
rooftop concert. Program 8 part 1 dates from December 1993. 1994
would alter the Documentary considerably, with the three remaining
Beatles reforming to record new music and joint interviews. It was
at this point; the 1993 version was heavily re-edited leaving only
a hint of what it had originally looked like.

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