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 Build Your Own Hunting Feeders / Food Plot Feeders / Protein and Free Choice Feeders / Fish and Dock Feeders / Hog and Bear Feeders / Chicken or Duck Feeders / Portable Feeders


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*    includes the HuntSports Whitetail FoodPlot PDF also.



Finally BigDaddy Put It All Together !

HERE'S THE BOTTOM LINE - If you are thinking about building your own hunting gear, deer blinds, Feeders, Stands, what have you - we have the plans and outlines you need! And if you buy our plans we'll save you money on the parts you're needing too!   If you don't have the time, or friends to help, or tools and space as may be required - then here is BigDaddy's PROMISE TO YOU -  We have the best brands available to ship anywhere in the USA! If we don't have it, let us try to get it and we can get it to you for less!  Email : - HOW WE CAN Get Your Business !




Do you want to build a "quality feeder" ? A good solid piece of Hunting Equipment? .. not a toy or some junk? Then the HuntSports Plans For Building Your Own Deer Feeders from 55 Gallon Metal Barrels or Plastic Drums is nothing short of fantastic! Nothing Is More Satisfying than finding a clean 55 GALLON Metal Barrel and building a Tri-Pod Deer Feeder from scratch. If this is your first feeder - better TRUST BigDaddy from HuntSports. You get 25+ years of feeder building and whitetail deer hunting experience from BigDaddy and HuntSports - not some "jack-legs plan" who's trying to sell on Ebay as part of his "get-rich-quick" scheme. Here is an example: WHY A TRIPOD? Here is what BigDaddy says - Stability, no welding or fabrication required, the "most common Texas Hunter design over 25 years, you are not "re-inventing the wheel" and  finally - Least amount of cost. 

With HuntSports 55 gallon feeder Plan and Outlines you could build any number of feeder styles: 

DIGITAL SPINCAST Tripod Style Feeders
Analog Quartz Spin Cast Feeders
Dawn / Dusk or Sunrise / Sunset Feeders
Deer, Wildlife, Big Game or Fish Feeders
“Free Choice†FEEDERS
Automatic Protein Feeders


With HuntSports 55 gallon deer feeder Plan and Outline you will learn about and save money on:  


Feeder Control Systems - the  “heart†of any Deer Feeder
The Control System Housings .. The Black Box
The Feeder Control - Clock, Timer Mechanisms /  The Digital Controller
Digital vs Quartz Analog .. What's Best For You?
Photocell Timers better known as Dawn / Dusk - are they for you?
Answers to the big “debate†- 12 Volt vs. 6 Volt Systems
6 Volt and 12 Volt Battery Information
The spinner motor systems
Scatter cups / Spinner plates / Which is Good, Better or Best
The motor and drive systems
System Parts Info - Funnels, Plastic vs. Metal
THE LIDS - slip-ons, periscope, spring connected, plastic, steel
BARREL BAND SYSTEMS INFO - All Are Not Equal In Qualiity or Function
Barrel Selection Info
FEEDER LEG SYSTEMS - Lengths, Guages of Metal
Feeder Footpads - why and when to use
Automatic FEEDER FILLING Systems
AND SOME SPECIAL "surprises" for checking us out. 


AND IF YOU'RE REBUILDING SOME OLD UNITS - H u nt S po r t s services and sells, and gives free advice if you ask? Hunt Sports has OEM and Universal Replacement Parts for the following product lines and models:

American Hunter  H-350,  H-KIT, HR-225, HRD-225, R-225, PR-225 W/ PERISCOPE LID, PR-350, PRD-225, R-350, R-50, RD-225, R-KIT, RD-PRO, R-PRO Feeder Max 400 Analog Spin Feeder Feeder Max 400 Flat Tray (Free choice) Feeder Max HX 400 Hopper Extension Feeder Max 600 4 Way Extended Tube Feeder Max 800 Flat Tray Feeder  Feeder Max 1000 Flat Tray Feeder With Rain Shield Feeder Max 1000 Spin Feeder Digital Feeder Max 2000 Flat Tray Feeder Feeder Max 2000 Spin Feeder Analog Feeder Max 3000 Round Trough Regulated  / Atascosa Wildlife feeders ALL / Game Guard All Seasons Feeders - 1000 LB. PROTEIN /  2000 LB. TUBE FEEDER / 3000 LB. TUBE FEEDER / 800 lb. / 300 lb. /  1000 lb. Trough Feeder /  900 lb.  w/ Timer /   500 lb. Trough Feeder / 400 lb. Feeder w/ Timer  / Arkansas Duck Hunter -  325lb. Winch up Feeder /  55 Gallon QuadPod 350lb. Capacity  50lb. Capacity Hanging Deer Feeders /  Hanging Game Feeder 225 Lb. Barrels  225lb. Capacity Hanging Feed Pole /  225lb. Capacity Tripod / On Time Digital Elite Deer Feeder  Molasses Deer Feeder  BigAz Feeders / BigAss Feeders / Boss Buck / Boss Buck, Non-Typical Bulk Feeder  Non-Typical 350 / The Boss Deluxe  Broadcast System / Boss 88 / 10 Point /  Protein Feeder 12 Point / Hanging Tripod Steel Tube Protein Feeders / ATV / UTV  / SXS Utility Tailgate & Road Feeders / Big Horn Metals / Boss Game Systems / EZ Fill Feeders / WestTexas Feeders ALL / WildGame Innovations / Superior Feeders / Venado Feeders All / Hunters Equipment & Feeders All / Silverhorn Feeders All / Outback Wildlife feeders All / Texas Wildlife Supply Feeders All / Stump mastrer Feeders / Oliver Creek Feeders All / Texas Wildlife Supply Feeders All / AllSeasons / Speed feed Products / MUMMES Feeders All / Deer Feeder Helper  /  1200# Non-Typical Protein Automatic /  350 Deluxe, 350 Automatic / 1200 lb. Non-Typical Protein /1200 lb. Non-Typical Auto Large 12v  1200 lb. Non-Typical Auto Small 12v / 350 lb. Non-Typical Protein  / 350 lb. Non-Typical Auto Large 12v  / 350 lb. Non-Typical Auto Small 12v  / 350 lb. Non-Typical Large 12v Hanging  / 350 lb. Non-Typical Small 12v Hanging / Non-Typical Parts & Accessories /  Conversion Kits, 12 Volt Kit /  Non-Typical Cut Off Valve Leg Channel Plates, Hanging Bail / Hinge Lid Brackets, Lid  / Protein Lower Units 3-Way, 4-way   12v Solar Panel - Box Mount  / Bucks Deer Feeders /  Chas-Mac Deer Feeders / All  /  Cooper Seeds Deer Feeders All  Cactus Flat Deer Feeders - All  /  Chas-Mac Deer Feeders-  All /  Diamond Game and Fish Feeders - All / Dinnerbell, M-22U  FeederMax FEEDER Max Systems - FM-400 Analog Spin Feeder / FM-400 Flat Tray ( Free choice ) / FM-HX 400 Hopper Extension / FM-600 4 Way Extended Tube Feeder FM-800 Flat Tray Feeder / FM-1000 Flat Tray Feeder With Rain Shield FM-1000 Spin Feeder Digital  /  FM-2000 Flat Tray Feeder / FM-2000 Spin Feeder Analog  FM-3000 Round Trough Regulated /  400 lb. Complete feeders  / 400 lb. Hopper and available components /  600 lb. Complete feeders  / 600 lb. Hopper and available Components  800 lb. Complete feeders  / 800 lb. Hopper and available Components / 1,000 lb. Complete feeders  /  1,000 lb. Hopper and available components / 2,000 lb. Complete feeders  / 2,000 lb. Hopper and available components 3,000 lb. Complete feeders  / 3,000 lb. Hopper and available components  / Feeder Max Accessories /  Free Choice Flat Tray Feeder / Free Choice Square Trough Feeder / Square Trough Regulated Feeder / Analog Spin Feeder  / Digital Spin Feeder / 4 Way Extended Tube Feeder / 4 Way Tube Feeder /  All  Feeders for Less Models /  ALL FieldPro Feeders - All Field Pro Units / Game Country Deer Feeders –  New Day 4D Cell Day/Night Timer / Digital Feeder Timer / Little Bee Digital Feeder Timer  / Game Country Day Time/Night Fall /  Day II DS Timer with low profile / Model DF-01B / Day II Timer  / New Day Timer / Mini Slinger Timer / Hang 'Em High Deer Feeders /  HCR Deer Feeders  /  Harvant Feeders Game Master Deer Feeders /  Lehman H Deer Feeders  /  Magnum Deer Feeders / Micro-Switch Timer / Supreme Plus Platinum Motor Timer / Solar Clock Timer / Plus Platinum Controller / Main Street Feeders- All Feeders / Monarch Deer Feeders- All Feeders / Quantum Selectra-Cast 6volt Digital Quantum SelectraCast 12volt Digital  /  Crown 6 volt Digital Unit / Crown 12 volt Digital Unit / Crown Fish Cast Control Unit / T Bracket Model Control Unit / Ammo Box Model Control Unit / Moultrie Feeders - MFH-EPK Econo Plus / MFH-PEK Pro Econo /  MFH-QK / MFH-ETK Easy Timer Cast / FH-KEC Econo / MFH-K Hunter / MFH-PHK Pro Hunter / MFH-PMK Pro Magnum / MFH-EC5.5 5.5-Gallon Econo / MFH-Q6.5 6.5-Gallon Phantom / MFH-EP6.5 6.5-Gallon Econo Plus / MFH-PE6.5 6.5-Gallon Pro Econo  / MFH-EP30H 30-Gallon Econo Plus / MFH-PE30H 30-Gallon Pro Econo  / MFH-EF Easy Feed Demand Feeder / MFH-1-BU 6.5-Gallon Hunter Hanging Feeder / MFH-MH 30-Gallon Hunter Hanging Feeder / MFH-MH-M 30-Gallon Hunter Hanging Feeder  / MFH-PHH 30-Gallon Pro Hunter Hanging Feeder / ative Outdoors Deer Feeders - All /  North American Hunter- All / OnTime Wildlife Feeders-ALL  / Original LifeTime Feeder / OnTime Wildlife Feeders, LifeTime Elite Feeder / LifeTime Elite Solar Digital Feeder / Fat Boy / Solar Elite Wildlife Feeder / Digital Elite Wildlife Feeder / Tomahawk Ultra Hunt + Wildlife Feeder / Classic Lifetime Feeder  / Solar Elite Lifetime Feeder / Elite Digital Lifetime Feeder / Tomahawk Digital Wildlife Feeder / Fish Lifetimer Timer Fish Elite Timer /  C74 Timer  / Tomahawk Ultra Hunt Timer  / Tomahawk Solar Timer / Fish Solar Elite Timer / R-Kit Timer (#R-Kit) / Fatboy 3 Timer / Tomahawk Digital Timer / Outdoor Deer Feeders - All /  Poor Boy’s Deer Feeders - All / Premier Deer Feeders – ALL /  Quality Game Feeders – All  /  Remington / BA PRODUCTS – All / 6 Volt Digital Model-RE-D Timer / 6 Volt Digital Directional Feeder  DX1/ Xpress Photocell Motor Timer / Quartz Feeder Timer / Forever 12volt Timer / Express Game Feeder / Spin-Cast Deer Feeders – All / 12 volt Omni Directional Feeder / 6 volt Omni Directional Feeder / 12 volt Directional Feeder MK-1 Control Unit / MK-2 Control Unit / Old Style MK-1 Control Unit / Old Style-2 Control Unit / MK-6 Control Unit /  MK-6 Solar Control Unit / Sportsman Hanging Quad 100D  / Sportsman Hanging Quad 100Q / Sportsman Hanging Quad 100S / Sportsman Hanging Quad 150D  / Sportsman Hanging Quad 150Q / Sportsman Hanging Quad 150S / Rangemaster C-200D / Rangemaster C-400D  / Rangemaster 400D / Rangemaster 600D Rangemaster 1000D / Rangemaster AD-400D / AD-600D / AD-1000D / Fieldmaster RH100  /  RH150 / Gamemaster PF600 / GamemasterPF1000 / Shurshot SS-100D /  SS-100S  /  SS-200D / SS-200S / SS-350D / Shurshot SS-350S /  Spin Pro Wildlife Feeders – All  / 7-Day Programmable Feeder / Aluminum 7-Day Programmable Feeder / Aluminum 7- Day Directional Feeder  / Adjustable Dusk-Dawn Feeder / Aluminum Adjustable Dusk-Dawn  / Aluminum Adjustable Dusk-Dawn Dir / Sweeney Feeders / DF1 / DF1CP / DF1GM / DF1GMCP / DF1OTCP  DF1OTGM  DF1OTGMCP  DF1OTRT, DF1OTRTCP, DF1RT,  DF2, DF2CP, DF2GM, DF2GMCP, DF2RT, DF3, DF3GM / DF3OT, DF3OTGM, DF3OTRT, DF3R, DF3RRT, DF3RT, DF5, DF5GM, DF5RT, SF1000D / SF1000DRT, SF1000P, SF1000PRT, SF1000S, SF1000SRT, SF2000D, SF2000P, SF2000S / AF1A100-LD, AF1A100-LR, AF1A100GM-LD, AF1A100GM-LR, F1A100RT-LD, AF1A100RT-LR, AF1A300, AF1A300GM, AF1A300RT, AF1A750, AF1A750GM, AF1A750RT, DF1B / DF1BGM, DF1BOT, DF1BOTGM, DF1BOTRT, DF1BRT, DF2B , DF2BGM , DF2BRT, HF1G / Speed Feed - ALL /  Spin-Cast Wildlife Feeders- ALL / 12V Stainless / 6V Stainless / MARK-1  /  MK1 / MK2 / MK6 / Feed Container / 6 Volt / 12 Volt Digital Timer / 6V Directional / Spinpro Game Wildlife Feeders – ALL / 7-Day Programmable Feeder / 7-Day Programmable Directional Feeder / Adjustable Dusk-Dawn Feeder / Aluminum Adjustable Dusk-Dawn Feeder / Adjustable Dusk-Dawn Directional Feeder / 40 Pound (6 Gallon) Feed Container / 160 Pound (24 Gallon) Hanging Feed Container / 160 Pound (24 Gallon) Short-Leg Feed Container / 160 Pound (24 Gallon) Long-Leg Feed Container / Spin Tech Deer Feeders – ALL / Tecomate Deer Feeders- All  / Texas Deer Hunter Deer Feeders- ALL  / Texas Hunter Products Deer Feeders – ALL  / TH60 Control Box  / TH70 Control Box  / The Timer Control unit with Digital Timer  / ULTRAMATIC FEEDERS – ALL / Control Unit with Analog Timer  / 12V Directional Control Unit with Digital Timer / 12V Directional Control Unit with Analog timer  / Small Control Box / Triple C Deer Feeders – ALL /  Trophy Hunter Deer Feeders- ALL  / 12 Volt Digital Premier  / TH12VD /  TH6VD / TH12VQ / TH6VQ / 12V Quartz  / 6 Volt Photocell / TH6P / TH60  /  Nu-Concepts, Stumpfeeder /  Kenco Feeders-All / Cyclone Collapsible Feeder / Tornado Feeder / 30 Lb. Feeder With Straight Shooter / 100 Lb. Feeder With Straight Shooter / 100 Lb. Feeder With Smart Timer / 100 Lb. Straight Shooter Hanging Kit /  30 Lb. Game Feeder With Smart Timer /  Texas Hunter – ALL /  50 lb. Capacity Trophy Feeder / 100 lb. Capacity Trophy Feeder /  300 lb. Capacity Trophy Feeder /  650 lb. Capacity Trophy Feeder / 12-Volt 300lb. Trophy Feeder with EZ Lift System /  6-Volt Old Hunter Feeder / 12-Volt Old Hunter Feeder / 6-Volt Old Hunter Feeder with EZ Lift System / 12-Volt Old Hunter Feeder with EZ Lift System /  Road Feeder with Wireless Remote TF100R





Building Blinds, Feeders or Stands for Mobility Impaired Hunters  FREE TO VETERAN'S ORGANIZATIONS*

Just send a written request on your letterhead giving us some details !     


    BUY THE "whole enchilada" on CD  .. in our STORE! Get all our Deer Blind & Stand Plans   and Get Even More BONUSES too!

Included - All HuntSports DIY Blinds & Stand and Tower Plans
Included - All Bow Hunter Stands, ladders, Climbers and More!
Included - All Deer & Wildlife Feeder Plans and FoodPlot PDF 
Included - HuntSports Hog Feeder Light Plans
Included - The Whitetail FoodPlot How to and Mineral plans
Included - The Scent Elimination Series PDF 
Included - The Trailer and Mobile Hunting Stands and Trailers Series

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